Euky Bear

Best Vaporizer for your baby’s nursery

It’s common for young children to get cough or respiratory infection. The Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer is recommended for colds, flu, croup and bronchitis. It helps your little one breathe easier and sleep better all night.

The Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporizer emits a relaxing stream of steam that aids in the loosening of phlegm and congestion in the chest and nose, allowing for easier breathing. Adding moisture to the air also aids in the relief of a sore throat and dry, itchy eyes, allowing for a more restful night's sleep. It's also whisper quiet for a better night's sleep.

Reasons you need a Euky Bear Vaporizer:

  • Humidifies 14 hours for all night relief from symptoms of colds and flu
  • Whisper quiet – perfect for light sleeper!
  • Natural eucalyptus oil grown on their farm in Inglewood, in rural Victoria, Australia
  • Suitable for all ages

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Euky Bear founding family have hunted for years to find the ‘perfect Euky tree’ – the one that yields the most, and best quality oil – an all-consuming project which has resulted in the planting of nearly 4 million new specially bred eucalypts on the farm in the last few years.

It’s because we know that only the best quality ingredients make the most effective products. Gentle care - from our family to yours.

Featured Products

Warm Steam Vaporizer
  • Creates a soothing flow of steam to help loosen phlegm and congestion in the chest and nose for easier breathing
  • Providing comfort to children of all ages
  • Adding moisture to the air also helps soothe a sore throat and dry itchy eyes for a more comfortable sleep
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Euky Bearub
  • Relief of the symptoms of colds
  • For the relief of mucous congestion
  • For the relief of muscular aches and pains
  • For the relief of insect bites
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Sniffly Nose Room Spray
  • With natural essential oils of Eucalyptus, Menthol, Rosemary & Oil of Wintergreen to comfort and soothe
  • Use in children’s rooms before sleep – great for day naps too
  • Freshens, kills germs & keeps surfaces hygienic
  • No harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances
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