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Connected: The Book That Reads You First

A positive parent-child relationship helps children learn about the world around them, and therefore it is important to build and strengthen a healthy bond with your child. As they are growing and changing, children look to their parents to determine whether or not they are safe, secure, and loved. It is also the foundation from which they will build their future relationships.

Personality test but better, introducing Connected, a digital playbook where parents can get tailored content and insights on personality assessment across 25 unique aspects of personality. Let Connected help you understand yourself and your children. This will nurture stronger relationships with your family through deeper understanding.

“When we understand each other, we bring out the best in each other.”

Every copy of Connected is unique to you and each child — because the story of your relationship is unique.

Drawing from psychometric analysis and developmental research, your Connected Playbook is generated instantly through a personality test that explores how you perceive yourself and each child.

Product Highlights

Connected reads differently for you and each child.

What’s in each playbook:

  • Personality profiles for you and each child
  • 25 curated chapters with comics, videos and curated articles relating your child's personality to your own.
  • Light-hearted content that unpacks personality-driven behaviour in everyday settings.
  • Actionable tips and strategies tailored to your personalities.
What’s in each playbook
  • Connected is powered by PEAKS technology, which is aligned with the Five-Factor Model of Personality (FFM)
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