Pigeon SofTouch™ Wide Neck PPSU Nursing Bottles

About Product

Choosing the right nursing bottle can be challenging. However, PIGEON SofTouch™ Wide Neck PPSU bottles with Peristaltic PLUS Nipples, which are developed based on baby’s sucking behavior over the past 60 years, can be your solution. Its specially designed projections at the top and base of the teats, allows milk to flow smoothly into baby's mouth and ensure they gets your precious breast milk even when you are away. These bottles are also equipped with Anti-Colic System, that helps in adjusting air pressure within and minimises air intake when feeding. Hence, preventing babies from swallowing excessive air bubbles with milk.

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What Parents think...

Testimony #1

My boy’s been using different kinds of milk bottles since birth and he didn’t totally reject any of it, but it’s just not the same when he’s on the Pigeon wide neck! He finishes his milk faster than usual and doesn’t get colic. When he holds the bottle up, the teat doesn’t leak too and I’m so thankful that my precious breast milk is not wasted! It’s our go-to bottle and I’m glad my baby is growing up well with it. ☺️

Testimony #2

So glad there is no nipple confusion when I switch between both human and Pigeon bottle nipples. Really makes our life easier especially for my mom who is taking care of my boy!

Testimony #3

I am a HUGE fan of pigeon products! Have switched to Pigeon bottles since my previous brand bottles always have leakage problem!! And it is so much easier to clean too!

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