LACTOGEN 3 - Healthier Choice Milk

About Product

LACTOGEN 3 is a Healthier Choice milk for children from 1 year. A quality product of Nestlé, it contains:

  • L. reuteri Probiotics to help fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • High Calcium to help support development of strong bones and teeth.
  • DHA, an important building block for development of the child’s brain.
  • HappyNutri™, a combination of 15 vitamins and minerals for growth and development.
  • No Added Sucrose to build good eating habits.

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What Parents think...


My toddler used to constipate and she will poo once every 3-4 days. I've tried everything, from prune juice and all, but still the same. It gets better gradually, her poo is not very hard anymore. The milk helps with her digestion and making her bowel movement smoother! I've also realised that she no longer gets flu as regularly as before. I'm sure this is the milk powder for her.


It really helps me with my children's bowel movements! As I have 2 small children, it saves money since it's a big tin and it's affordable for me. I can see the change in their bowel movements, they use to have to strain a lot when they poop, but now they can just relax and poop. So I guess those who have not tried should try it out. No harm done and those who are on budget should try this brand too!


Gro:) Happy!
That's definitely what I wish for my boy!

Lactogen 3 is a growing up milk designed for toddlers from 1 year onwards that contains HappiNutri™️, an optimum blend of 15 nutrients and minerals, on top of DHA to meet the nutritional needs of growing up toddlers.

At only $0.67 per serving, it is the most affordable growing up milk which is also awarded with healthier choice symbol from Health Promotion Board. It has 25% more calcium than regular children's milk powder and each serving of it provides more than 50% of a child's required dietary requirements for calcium (according to health hub) to help build strong bones and teeth.

Transition to this milk was easy even though no sucrose was added. My child couldn't get enough of it! I'm glad he is happy taking this milk which supports his development with balanced nutrition.

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