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Little Étoile scrumptious organic baby food is made in Australia and enjoyed by babies around the globe. Our pouches provide simple yet tasty recipes, staple and premium ingredients optimal for healthy palate development, packed with nutrition essential for your baby development. Little Étoile follows the strictest pharmaceutical quality control process from raw materials, manufacturing, to product release, with each and every single batch tested voluntarily for key heavy metals and allergens. Little Étoile means “little star”, with our mission being to help your “little stars” shine, making life easier for parents without compromising on quality, taste or nutrition following our time-tested pharmaceutical principles.

Product Features

Little Étoile Organic recipes may be simple yet they are scrumptious and packed with nutrition:

  • Simple recipes with premium nutrition resulted in naturally tasty food.
  • Staple ingredients optimal for healthy palate development.
  • Variety of essential nutrients for your growing stars’ comprehensive development.

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Little Étoile Organic Quality Principles: Good Manufacturing Practice & Organic Certified

Being the baby of Max Biocare, a pharmaceutical company specialized in women and children’s health, Little Étoile Organic follows our time-tested pharmaceutical principles applied to all along the farm-to-table stages to ensure safe & nutritious products. We place enormous value on:

  • clean and safe ingredients,
  • nutritional integrity
  • organic sustainable ingredients
As parents, we do not compromise on product quality
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Little Étoile tests across a range of allergens, toxins and nutrition to ensure safe and trustworthy products

In addition to validated processes for controlling of nutrition content, microbial specifications and the stability of the products in the markets especially in high heat and humid Asian countries, each and every batch of Little Étoile is voluntarily tested for major heavy metals and allergens.
Our stringent quality management is driven by our team’s knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry and our commitment to making life easier for parents without compromising on quality, taste or nutrition.
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