Keenz Air Plus 2.0 Strongest Compact Stroller

About Product

KEENZ strives to provide the best environment that encourages the safe and wholesome upbringing of children. Our main aim is to provide excellent service with innovative products at attractive prices for our customers. To that end, we will continue to deliver products with novel designs and unparalleled comfort to as many families as possible.
Keenz Air Plus 2.0 Strongest Compact Stroller is the Strongest cabin-friendly stroller in the market, holding up to 7kg on its handle bar without toppling, even when both the seat & basket are empty.

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Siti Rokiah (11:30 am, 12 Mar 2020)

Stroller was spacious to accommodate 3 backpacks and this is helpful for a working mom who is dropping baby off to IFC. Baby is comfortable in stroller and safer especially during this Covid-19 outbreak.

Jane Surin (2:33 pm, 15 Mar 2020)

Best stroller ever! Always recommending it to everyone. It’s so smooth, can be pushed with one hand. Very sturdy as I can hang many stuff at the back and the basket is huge!! I have so many praises for this but not enough space to write? Love it!! ?

Joanne Kukk (9:24 pm, 29 Jul 2019)

Love this stroller now whenever I have to take my kids out of the stroller I don't have to first remove all my shopping bags coz the handle bar alone can hold up to 7kg and the basket another 30kg! Perfect for all my shopping!

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