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Euky Bear offers quality natural solutions families can trust. The 100% Australian-owned range includes the famous Euky Bearub chest rub and Australia’s quietest warm steam vaporiser plus child-friendly cough and cold options from newborn onwards. With almost 40 years of helping Aussie kids stay healthy, you can rely on Euky to take good care of your little koala bear.

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Review by Ryan on July 26, 2020
I used this for my first son 20 years ago. Still amazing after all these years! Natural. Lovely smell. Gives a bit of moisture to dry air-conditioned rooms. Perfect for babies. Like I said, fathers love it because it smells great!

Jessica P

My youngest son, who is 11 months old had a cold during the trial. The warm steam vaporiser seemed to ease his coughing and stuffy nose. He was less congested over night and ended up sleeping a lot better whilst using the warm steam vaporiser.

Hannah Tucker

January 6, 2021
Dream product
We bought this product when our daughter was congested and was having trouble breathing while sleeping. We found it definitely made a huge difference with helping her sleep while unwell. When full, it lasts for long enough to get you through the night before having to refill the following night.

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