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Based in a SFA-certified bakery, Clookies was established in 2018 and specialises in lactation products for breastfeeding mothers. We have successfully helped thousands of mummies increase their milk supply through our delicious & nutritious lactation bakes. This is achieved through close guidance on establishing good breastfeeding habits from the start, and how best to consume our products for effective results. Clookies is here to help you by providing you with breastfeeding advice & lactation support. We know that every mother's body & breastfeeding journey will be different, which is why we provide customised advice to suit your body, lifestyle & breastfeeding target.

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What Parents think...

Yvonne Su (Jan 2021)

I have tried other brands of lactation cookies but none stood out until Clookies came along. I bought 4 cookie flavors to try and was impressed that all pack a punch with the taste and texture. My personal favorites are the Earl Grey and Almond Dark Chocolate. Will be ordering again to try the brownies and Brookies. Can't wait to receive them!

Faith Fan (Dec 2020)

Love these Clookies till today! (7 weeks post-partum) I'm a low-just enough bm supply kind of mom previously for my 1st born. This time for my 2nd born, a friend gifted these Clookies to us a week after delivery, tried it and followed the consumption guide, my supply increased by 50ml over a day. Enjoy it and purchased it for another 2 more times and consumed them as a snack after every feed or pump daily and it made A LOT of difference from my first week of pumping and supply. It has been a much better, happier and tastier breastfeeding journey for my 2nd born this time.

Jieying (Dec 2020)

I had issues with milk supply at the start of my bf journey. But after trying Clookies, my supply went up! Dawn has also been very helpful in sharing her journey, as well as tips as a new mother.

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