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Breastfeeding essentials for modern mothers. Making parenting a breeze. Breastfeeding itself is not an easy task; having to cope with the new arrival and crazy hormones, on top of the 101 things that were already there. Getting portable products are so important because being a parent in this modern society, everyone is always on-the-go. Baby Express was founded by a working mother for working mothers. Doing what we can, to make parenting a breeze for everyone. Because we know what it is like to breastfeed, work and being a mother. With modern innovations at affordable, we empower modern mothers in having a longer and smoother breastfeeding journey. Managed by a mini team of breastfeeding/breastfed/breastfeeding-to-be mothers, we truly understand the craziness that happens all day, everyday.

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What Parents think...

Serene Flynn

Absolutely love the BE MINE breast pump as it is light, very portable, strong suction (I’m only at suction level 3 and it’s good enough!), silent (allows me to pump in the middle of the night and not disturb baby or husband), and lastly, beautifully coloured💕

Adrienne Ngoo

The pump is really compact and light. I could pump anywhere and anytime that i needed. It’s so convenient that i could pump while working or play with my kids. Highly recommended.

Shing Ni

The first thing this pump attracted me was bcos it is tubeless and mini in size. After I started to used, I find it comfy to do my pump daily too with its cushion flange

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