Philips Avent Steam Sterilizer with Dryer

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Be ready for baby's next feed in 40 minutes. Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer Premium uses jets of filtered air to dry bottles before turning off. The sterilizer is quick and hygienic, killing 99.9% of germs* for peace of mind at every feed. ​

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What Parents think...


Amazing Product!​
This is an AMAZING bottle sterilizer! It’s very simple to use and multi functions as a bottle dyer, sterilizer or a setting for all three. It’s takes about 49 minutes total but when it’s done I don’t have to worry about my babies bottle being clean and dry and safe bc they are. It’s as easy as adding water, putting tray in bottom and adding bottles and then adding the top rack and adding contents and lid and turning on. It’s comes apart great for easy machine cleaning! It’s a must have for any parent not just first timers!


Fast, efficient and versatile!​
As a mom of three who is currently in the thick of newborn life again, I can only say I wish I had this sterilizer years ago! It only took a few minutes to get it ready to use the first time and was smooth sailing from there. All the parts are super easy to wash and assemble quickly. I loved that you can set it up in a variety of ways depending on what it is you need to sterilize (all the pieces, just the tall one, just the short one, etc). I jumped right in and filled the whole thing up and was really happy with how much I could fit in at once. I wound up with six bottles (I used 4oz, but 9oz would easily fit), nipples and even most of the bottle tops! This is so important because I definitely don’t want to have to run a sterilizer over and over just to get through a days worth of bottles, pacifiers and/or pump parts. Another reason it is so necessary to have an easy way to sterilize is to get all of our pacifiers truly clean, especially with the extra caution I use these days with germs. When I didn’t need the full setup, I could just use the short piece and clean all of our pacifiers at once. My absolute favorite part was how effective the drying cycle was. I was initially doubtful that everything would get totally dry, but when I opened it up there were only a couple drops of water around the rims of my glass bottles, every other drop of water had vanished! No more drying rack needed!!! I would highly recommend this sterilizer to anybody looking for a fast, effective and convenient way to sterilize anything for baby! The possibilities are endless! ​


Great sterilizer​
This unit is very easy to set up. I love that I have the option to not use the larger piece as I do have limited space and do not have a ton of parts to sterilize at once. I just sterilized my pump parts. The sterilizer cycle is very quiet. The power button lights up so you know its on. All of my pump parts fit perfectly in the small unit. I did notice that one of the bottles was still wet after the dry cycle ran. Not a deal breaker to me personally. I did notice that one of my bottles now has a rounded bottom and now wobbles when I set it down. This is why I only gave 4 stars. Overall, the pieces seems clean and 95% dry. I feel confident that the sterilizer works.​

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