Autumnz Maya Moulded Maternity/Nursing Bra

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NO MORE tight and uncomfortable bras!! 2 in 1 - Cost saving as you can enjoy it during your pregnancy till birth as a nursing bra. Autumnz Moulded Nursing/Maternity Bra is gorgeously comfortable, light and breathable giving full support during your maternity and your nursing needs. It has smooth and moulded seamless cups that offer you a seamless appearance under tight clothing and especially suitable for office wear, dresses and most outfits as it holds your growing busts in shape well. It is NOT a generic bra but a specific nursing bra that is tailored specifically to each mum’s individual bust size and circumference to ensure maximum fit and comfort.

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Autumnz story began from an aspiration to offer all expecting and breastfeeding mothers with quality, comfortable and affordable nursing and baby-friendly products for you and your little ones at one-stop place.

Autumnz carry a full range of Autumnz nursing, breastfeeding and baby products to help makes the journey of conceiving, breastfeeding and nursing experience a pleasant one for mothers. Autumnz has a dedicated team who are committed to researching, designing, producing and testing their range of useful and innovative products

Autumnz, an AWARD Winning Brand since 2012 has worn multiple awards including the prestigious SUPERBRAND AWARD - Top Choice nomimated by mothers as a highly recommended Brand for their nursing and breastfeeding needs. These include our top selling nursing bras - MAYA Moulded, EMBER Seamless, TILIA Bamboo Sleep Bra, Basic Housewear nursing bras, Post-partum Abdominal Binders and Breastmilk Storage Solutions ie. Storage Bottles, Anti-leak Double-ziplock Storage Bags, Cooler Bags, Ice Packs, Breast-pumps, Steriliser and Warmer, PPSU & PP Feeding Bottles, Feeding products etc. Autumnz, mothers' best companion is proud to be able to reach out to all mothers in Singapore and around the region. Happy Breastfeeding!!


What Parents think...

Freya, mother of 2

I am fully breastfeeding my baby thus I only have nursing bras in my wardrobe and my favourite nursing bra is MAYA Moulded Maternity/Nursing Bra from Autumnz because it looks exactly like regular bra and also super comfortable. Best non-underwired yet has great support. Most of the nursing bras that I own are high-cut with full coverage hence do not look good in my clothes. Therefore, MAYA Moulded Bra is a MUST HAVE for me when I am out as it goes well with most of my outfits. It comes in many different colours and super affordable!

Rachel, mother of 1

I have been wearing Award Winner Autumnz MAYA Moulded Nursing Bra and I love it for its comfort and convenience for easy nursing access. This is by far the best bra that I have worn and everything that I need in a good nursing bra. Modern, comes in many colour choices, seamless, good support and best of all non-underwired. Looks great in my dresses and working clothes.

Mabel, mother of 1

This is truly a life saviour for all nursing mummies! Honestly it’s difficult to find good bras for nursing since wired bras are not recommended. I’m so glad to have these Autumnz MAYA Moulded Bras now and still dress confidently everyday!

Ashleigh, mother of 3

Really love using the nursing bras from Autumnz as they are so comfortable. Love the non-underwired EMBER Seamless that can be worn in the house as well as for casual outdoor. I can use it as a hands-free pumping bra too, thus much cost savings!! Material is soft with 70% inner lining made of cotton so is breathable and not warm. These bras are really awesome and I am definitely going to get a few more to prep for the coming 2nd trimester!

Sara, mother of 1

Autumnz TILIA Bamboo Sleep Bra is the comfiest thing ever that you can find in a nursing bra! Its bamboo material is light, soft, delicate and breathable against the skin and most suitable for our hot climate. As a breastfeeding mum, comfort is my priority when comes to getting a good nursing bra be it for day or night wear. I do not prefer to have a bra on during the night as I do not like the fact that I am wearing something tight under my bust and with straps until I found AUTUMNZ TLILA Bamboo Sleep Bra, I realised there is sleep bra that is so comfy and feels like not wearing one!! So easy to use, just pull sideway to feed. No clipping and unclipping especially after a long day of hard work. Best Sleep Bra. Highly recommended!

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