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There are two ways to launch better products, one is to research and develop new materials with greater effectiveness, the other is to address the public demand. Research should focus to improve and develop new material which can lead to the production of ultra thin and super absorbent products. We want to ensure that we’ll utilize advance manufacturing technologies to bring new products and commercialize them to the society. Amico of Japan has created “Ultra-thin products with super-absorbers”.

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What Parents think...

Testimony #1

Amico_sg passed my boy's test on ability to hold well overnight, and being really soft to the touch. I feel while pull-ups are great for day time, tape diapers are great for Peanut especially at night where we would sometimes stealth mode and change him when his diapers is somehow too full (or when he sometimes dream poos ) and hope he doesn't wake up. Thus it's really important for me that the diaper doesn't leak as he toss and turns about like a hundred times a night I really like this good quality soft diapers and I feel safe at night knowing that they will hold well over the whole night

Testimony #2

Look at this little fashionista who is in her own world Got her to try out this new diaper from @amico_sg and I must admit it's better than the one she used previously! Not only is it thin and light, its absorbancy is great too. Swipe all the way to view the test I did after C3 wore it for 12hrs! I love how comfy it is for C3 that she actually sleep thru the night. No rash, no leakage thus far and it leave no marks behind. Stay on well too even if she jump, run or even climb A little side track, this diaper cutting seem abit bigger than usual so I suggest to take a size smaller if you guys are getting it..

Testimony #3

I am sold by how much this thin diaper from @amico_sg can hold! Although Mikayla is toilet trained in the day and naptime, she still needs to wear diaper during bed time especially after consuming a big bottle of milk!⁣⁣⁣⁣ She has been wearing @amico_sg diaper for the past 2 weeks for more than 12 hours each time. No leakage and no rashes!⁣⁣

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