We have tried to reach you on phone a few days ago in regards to your recent signup for your free Similac milk tin.

If you have already received them, please disregard this message - this is meant for those who have yet to receive the milk tin. 

If you HAVE NOT received them yet, unfortunately the Similac milk tin delivery is no longer available as per regulation stipulated in Sale of Infant Foods Ethics Committee Singapore (SIFECS) Code of Ethics regulation. 

We are however, arranging for a gift pack as replacement and should expect to be able to provide you with additional details very soon. We do need your help though. We have received many addresses that were incomplete, and without a complete and accurate address, we can't get these free gift packs to you. 

If you would like to claim the gift pack, please send me an email to: [email protected] with the following details: 

Your name 
Mailing address with postcode
Email address
Mobile number

Please understand that if we do not hear from you, we will NOT proceed with the delivery to your address. Deadline for reply is 14 Jan. Thanks!

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