Secrets to Raising a Smart & Healthy Child

(For Parents With Kids From 6 months Onwards)

MAX Atria, Peridot Room 202 - 205

Many new parents face huge challenges in getting their little ones to eat well and sleep well. Good nutrition and quality sleep play an extremely important role in the development of a child so what can you do to help your little one grow to their fullest potential .

Help is finally here! 

IIn this LAST Parenting Seminar of the year, join Experts in parenting, paediatrics and education to learn the secrets to nurturing the gems of our lives! Our Experts will be sharing extremely important information you need to know about your kids as they start to take their first steps towards toddlerhood. 

Don’t miss your rare chance to take advantage of our expert’s sharing & be on your way to becoming hero mums and dads for your little ones!

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$ 15only
  • Usual price for single ticket is $15. Comes with a free goodie bag worth $50.


$ 20only
  • Usual price for couple ticket is $20. Comes with a free goodie bag worth $50.



Why your Baby is not sleeping well & how to fix it

Sleep is extremely important to your baby’s body & brain development, especially for kids. Research shows that more than 65% of parents are sleep deprived in their child’s first 3 years.

Find out all you need to know about developing heathy sleeping habits in your child from young... so you can have a better night’s rest too!


Baby Genius Hack: Enhance your child's language learning ability

Did you know the window for learning language begins to close by age four? Infants have better higher cognitive functioning abilities than previously believed. Maximise your child’s potential by developing you’re his/her early learning abilities!


The effect of Nutrition on your child's growth, health & development

Right nutrition during infancy and early childhood is essential to ensure the growth, health, and development of children to their full potential. Find out how you can help your child reach their fullest potential


Is your child fully immunised & protected from diseases?

Vaccinations are important to a child's health as they help to prevent a number of serious diseases over their life time. Wondering how early they must take these, and which are really optional ones you can go without?



Dr. Chan Poh Chong

Head & Senior Consultant General Ambulatory Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine , NUH


BDr. Mahesh Ramamurthy

Head & Senior Consultant Paediatric Pulmonary & Sleep, NUH


Dr. Michelle Tan

Head& Senior Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Hepatology and Liver Transplantation , NUH


Dr. Robert Titzer

Infant researcher Creator, Your Baby Can Learn, USA



31 August (Saturday), 12pm - 5pm


MAX Atria Peridot Room 202 - 205

(includes free goodie bag worth $50):

*Goodie Bag is only for parent with babies 6 months & above

Single ticket $20 (First 100 registrants at $15 only) Couple ticket $30 (First 100 registrants at $20 only)

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