Philips AVENT Products in Singapore:

Reviews & Where To Buy (2021)

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With 36 years of experience in the industry, Philips AVENT has made a name for itself as a superior child care brand, offering products of the highest quality. Its range of products covers baby bottles, breast pumps, as well as other baby feeding and health accessories. Trusted by many, AVENT’s products have been recommended by doctors, praised by mothers and recognised internationally for being the top choice when it comes to feeding your child, from newborn to toddler.

Unknown to many, Philips AVENT was the first ever child care brand to produce tasteless and odourless silicone milk teats. On top of this, they are also behind various patented innovations and creations such as its steam and microwave steriliser, as well as their piston-free breast pump. Philips AVENT has no doubt proven itself to be at the forefront of the childcare industry, consistently launching new and innovative products that makes parenting much easier!

MobiriseWe’re sure that whilst doing your own research for child care products, you’d probably have stumbled across Philips AVENT at least once. So for parents who are curious about what the brand has to offer, you’ve come to the right place! We have delved deeper into the brand and compiled a list of their best products for you. Read on to find out more!
Philips AVENT Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump
  • Comfortable pumping position
  • Express more milk in lesser time
  • Allows for quiet pumping
  • Soft massage function

First up, we have AVENT’s Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump. Ideal for mums who are always on the go and don’t have much time, the pump helps you express more milk in less time, while ensuring that you can sit in a comfortable position during pumping.

The breast pump features a massage cushion that has a soft velvety texture, providing warmth for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow. Its iconic petal cushion is also thoughtfully designed to mimic a baby’s suckling in order to gently stimulate let down.

The highlight of this particular breast pump would be its unique design that allows milk to flow directly from your breast into the bottle, so that you can pump with more comfort while sitting up straight. This in turn helps to ensure smoother milk flow as well. There are also 3 different pumping settings to choose from to best suit your needs.

To make mums’ lives easier, this pump has a closed system which prevents milk from spilling into the tubes. Coupled with the little number of parts and thoughtful design, the Philips AVENT Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump is extremely to use and clean up afterwards.

Although the price of this breast pump is a little steep, it is the most efficient of the three breast pumps the brand carries. It guarantees greater milk flow in a shorter period of time, making it an excellent choice for mums who express daily, at home or at work.

“I ordered the pump after using the manual one, and it has increased my milk production and at the same time, reduced time and effort needed for the pumping. If their manual pump was good for you, the electric one is going to suit you too.” Helena, mom of one

“Bought this when I became an exclusive pumper. It works so well and is super comfortable. No nipple pain and gets the job done efficiently. Love how relatively simple it is to clean. I’ve been using this pump 5–8 times a day for 5 months now and have not had to replace any parts.” Rachel, mom of one
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Philips AVENT Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump
  • 4 stimulation and 4 pumping modes to choose from
  • Stores and remembers your favourite setting
  • Allows for quiet pumping
  • Battery and electricity operated

The Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump is a more portable option in AVENT’s electric range. With similar design and technology as the Double Electric, this breast pump allows mums to insert batteries to allow for cordless use, providing greater convenience when using it outside.

For a more customisable experience to ensure greater comfort and efficiency during each pumping session, you can choose between 3 pumping settings. The breast pump also features a massage cushion that has a soft velvety texture, providing warmth for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow. Its iconic petal cushion is also thoughtfully designed to mimic a baby’s suckling in order to gently stimulate let down.

The breast pump has a compact design for easier positioning on your breast and greater portability. The tube wraps around the small, lightweight base unit for extra convenience in transport and storage.

Philips AVENT’s Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump with its lightweight and compact design, allows for easy expression at home and on-the-go, making it the perfect choice for mums looking for an everyday all-rounder.

“If you’re looking for a comfortable breast pump, this is the right one! Others that I've used have been rather uncomfortable, the pump has a silicone cover to go over the plastic flange so it creates a good seal and is so comfortable, I get slightly more milk with this pump than any others I've tried.” Lily, mom of one

“It's very easy to put together, even though there are a few parts to piece together once you've done it a few times it's pretty straightforward. Easy to clean and very gentle when using. I regularly express 125ml every morning and it takes an average of 10minutes. Definitely recommend this product to all mums.” Manny, mom of one
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Philips AVENT 4-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer
  • Kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  • Keeps items sterile for up to 24 hours
  • Sterilizes in just 6 minutes
  • Spacious design

The 4-in-1 sterilizer takes up minimal kitchen space whilst its unique modular design allows you to arrange and place the bottles and accessories flexibly inside. It also comes with a dishwater basket that is perfect for holding small items in the dishwater before being transferred directly into the sterilizer.

Using natural steam, it sterilizes its contents by killing up to 99.9% of harmful germs without the use of any chemicals. If you don’t open up the lid, the contents inside can be kept sterile for up to 24 hours, giving you the reassurance that all your items are clean and safe to use.

Each sterilizing cycle is only 6 minutes long, making it a wonderful helper for busy parents. The sterilizer is equipped with an integrated display to show the sterilizing progress and to inform you when the items are chilled enough to be safely removed.

Don’t have Philips AVENT’s milk bottles? No worries! The sterilisers can hold up to six 330ml milk bottles, even if they are not from Philips AVENT. It is compatible with both standard and wide neck bottles, and can even be used to sterilize other items such as breast pumps, pacifiers, toys, etc.

With a large capacity and efficient sterilizing cycle, the Philips AVENT 4-in-1 Electronic Steam Sterilizer is definitely a helpful hand to have in the kitchen, allowing parents to have a peace of mind.

“The Philips Avent 4-in-1 electric steam steriliser is absolutely amazing, requiring no solution and no tablet, just plain water and kills 99.9% of germs. The sterilisation takes only 6 mins whereas before I had to wait 15 mins before being able to use the bottles. I love the sleek design and it fits perfectly well in my kitchen. Would definitely recommend it.” Kirankhanum

“Love the dishwasher basket and the sleek design. Easy to use and it's great to be able to mix and match the baskets depending on the quantity I need to sterilise.” Jacqueline
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Philips AVENT DECT-Baby Monitor SCD560/01
  • Ensures no interference and 100% privacy
  • Extremely clear sound
  • Night light and lullabies to soothe baby
  • Equipped with talk back function

Stay connected with your little one no matter where you are in the house with the DECT-Baby Monitor SCD560/01. It provides a secure connection with data encryption and ensures zero interference with its DECT(Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology. On top of that, sound quality is also guaranteed to be crystal clear, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to hear your little one.

With an indoor range of up to 50m, the parent unit is designed to alert you whenever you go out of range or when the battery is low, ensuring that you’ll always stay connected to your precious little one. The small, compact parent unit has a battery life of 18 hours before it needs to be charged again.

The baby monitor also features several distinct and extremely helpful functions to make mummies’ and daddies’ lives much easier! First, it is equipped with a temperature sensor that will alert parents when there’s any change in temperature or climate in your baby’s room. Next, choose from 5 different soothing lullabies and turn on the relaxing night light to put your little one to sleep more easily. Lastly, the baby monitor also features a talk back function to allow your baby to listen to your voice, even when you’re not in the room!

The Philips AVENT DECT-Baby Monitor SCD560/01 is everything you could ask for in an audio monitor, with a long battery life, safe connection and useful functions to ensure better sleeping conditions for your little one.

“I really liked this baby monitor as I could take the parent unit around the flat and be sure my baby is sleeping while doing my routine. The volume can be muted or not, it’s up to you.” Nadia, mom of one

“One of the features I really liked was the base stays in the babies room and the smaller piece stays with me, and if I misplace my piece I can press find on the base and find it. It was the first monitor that I could use as a 2 way speaker, so when my son was crying I could talk to him over the monitor on my way to his room. I was very pleased and would highly recommend this monitor to others!” Brittannie, mom of one
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Philips AVENT Fast Bottle Warmer
  • Only takes 3 minutes to warm up bottles
  • Warms evenly, ensures no hotspots
  • Can be used to warm food too
  • Safe defrost setting

Philips AVENT’s fastest bottle warmer, it takes only 3 minutes to warm up your little one’s milk with the Fast Bottle Warmer.

It ensures the milk circulates continuously during heating up for more even warming in order to prevent hot spots. On top of that, it even features a defrost setting which allows you to easily defrost frozen milk or food safely and quickly.

The warmer comes with a guide to aid you in selecting the correct setting and warming time, so you won’t have to worry about over or underheating it. To make things even better, it is compatible for use with all of Philips AVENT’s milk bottles and food containers, ensuring utmost convenience for parents.

“The bottle warmer worked fast and we didn't have to worry about it getting too hot. My husband reported that middle of the night feedings went much more smoothly as he could warm the bottle while changing our baby's diaper and by the time he was done, the bottle was ready to go.” Meaghan, mom of one

“The bottle warmer worked fast and we didn't have to worry about it getting too hot. My husband reported that middle of the night feedings went much more smoothly as he could warm the bottle while changing our baby's diaper and by the time he was done, the bottle was ready to go.” Meaghan, mom of one
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Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle SCF693/27 (260ml)
  • Ensures a more comfortable feeding experience
  • Makes combine breast and bottle feeding easier
  • Easy to grip and hold
  • Prevents colic

Philips AVENT has always placed extra care in their milk bottles and the Natural range is no exception. It comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from 60ml, 125ml, 260ml and 330ml to suit you and your little one’s different needs.

The teat has a wide breast shape, designed to promote a more natural latch on, similar to that of a mother’s breast. This ensures a more seamless combination of breast and bottle feeding for your little one. The bottle’s innovative design doesn’t stop there, it even features petals inside the teat which helps to make it softer and more flexible without it collapsing. In fact, the twin valve was designed with the intention of reducing colic by directing air into the bottle instead of your little one’s tummy. This makes for a more comfortable feeding experience for your baby.

Worried that your little one won’t be able to grip the bottle properly? Philips AVENT has made sure that it won’t be a concern with the bottle’s unique shape which makes it easier for your little one to grip and hold onto. To top it off, the wide-necked design of the bottle is also ideal for easier cleaning.

The Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle ensures your little one gets the best out of every feeding session, in the greatest comfort possible.

“I love the 3-piece design, they are easy to hold and clean and they fit perfectly in most bottle warmers, plus they are vented to prevent colic. I feel like these bottles would be very beneficial for breastfeeding moms who need to introduce a bottle when they return to school, work, etc.” Monie, mom of one

“As soon as I touched the nipple, I knew this bottle was definitely a game changer. My baby instantly took to the Natural avent bottle. I'm soooo glad I had it on hand because I was worried about my baby eating while I was at work. Now there's no resistance at all!!” Desiree, mom of one
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