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Learn Curiously, Live Creatively!

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
Albert Einstein

Over at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, curiosity is believed to be a key component in a child's learning journey. The creativity-inspired curriculum at Kiddiwinkie aims to develop more than just the academic aspect of a child but also to enhance a child's learning experience by developing life-long competency skills and spurring creativity and inquisitiveness and nurturing a child to become resilient leaders of tomorrow.

Kiddiwinkie incorporates a balance of play-based and inquiry-based approach

Play-based approach for Early Years

Play is not just fun, it is fundamental! Play is the natural process for children in their early years to have fun, explore and learn. Thus, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, adopts a play-based approach where children are encouraged to discover and explore their surroundings through purposeful and active play. This meaningful play experiences stimulates children's mind and enhances their curiosity, learning and growth opportunities.

Inquiry-based approach for Preschool Years

Believing that a child is an active learner, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse adopts an inquiry-based approach to engage their preschoolers. As they become constructors of knowledge and igniting their inquisitiveness, children acquire knowledge needed for formal schooling as well as competency skills essential to face future challenges in the global landscape.

Engaging learning environment

Believing that the environment plays a part in a child’s holistic growth, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse’s centres are specially curated to encourage experiential and investigative learning. It taps on the child’s innate desire to explore and discover the world around them. Classrooms are creatively designed to support the children’s inquiry with specialty learning corners and structural features that serve to integrate new knowledge and imaginative play in a safe and conductive environment.

Creativity-inspired curriculum

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse aims to inspire curiosity and creativity in their children and develop a life-long love for learning through their creativity-inspired programmes.

Kiddiwinkie’s language arts programmes seek to develop the children’s linguistic literacy. Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse was awarded with the Reading Innovation Award (Distinction) by the National Library Board for its individualized reading programme: Super Readers, Super Heroes. The curriculum also fosters public speaking skills through their Tick Tock, It’s Time to Talk and literacy awareness and inspirations through Author of the Month.

A big part of Kiddiwinkie’s creativity-inspired curriculum is through exploration and reflection. Its child-led play sessions, PlayTinkers, encourage exploration, foster innovation and develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. The curriculum also features reflective journaling through their Bear Walk Movement programme.

Other highlights of its curriculum include character development programmes that instill and cultivate good moral values and a variety of embedded enrichments from sports, dance to arts.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse also places a strong emphasis in developing a globally aware child. Through their termly International Cuisine and Culture Day, children celebrate, embrace and learn about diversity and cultures.

Bilingualism is also a strong focus at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse where Mandarin is conducted daily through engaging and interactive activities. Its flagship centres also offers a trilingual environment with Japanese and/or Korean as a third language. 

Join Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse at their Open House on 9th November 2019 to find out more about their campuses and how they engage your little ones to learn curiously and creativity!

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