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Mother’s Day Special: Interview with Irene Yeo, Tollyjoy’s Sales and Marketing Manager

“The bond between mothers and their children is one defined by love. As a mother’s prayers for her children are unending, so are the wisdom, grace and strength they provide to their children.”

– President George W. Bush

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate and honour all mothers and their sacrificial love in caring for their children! All mothers can attest that as much joy motherhood brings, there are many challenges that come with it as well!

We sat down with Tollyjoy’s sales and marketing manager, Irene Yeo, who is also a mother of a 10-year-old and 8-year-old to learn more about Tollyjoy and her motherhood experiences.  

About Tollyjoy:

Tollyjoy is a renowned homegrown babycare brand that is no stranger to many parents, having cared for millions of babies since it was first founded in 1971. Through quality control over design and manufacturing, and by staying ahead of global health and safety research trends, Tollyjoy has been giving only the best of quality products to mother and baby!

Hello Irene! Tell us more about yourself, and your role as a sales and marketing manager!

I've been with Tollyjoy for close to 20 years. As a sales & marketing manager, I oversee the sales and distribution as well as the marketing aspect of the domestic market and the sales distribution of international markets. 

We heard that you are a mother of 2! How do you find time for your family despite your busy schedule? Any tips for working mothers out there on maintaining a good work life balance?

Working in Tollyjoy provides me with the flexibility of time. I believe in work-life balance. The struggle for working mothers are real. You need to be very focused. I would suggest to working moms, to try to leave work in the office when you leave for home at the end of the day, so that you can enjoy quality time with your children/family. Engage parental help if or whenever possible. It makes a lot of difference.

Most young women fear juggling work and looking after their newborn. Was this a struggle for you as well when you first had your firstborn? Do you have any advice for these mothers?

Well, I guess it was to a certain extent (actually I can't recall). I breastfed my children for at least a year each. Thinking back, I realised I could have taken it much easier. I will advise new working mothers not to be stressed over breastfeeding (once you are back to work) and supplement with formula milk (if you really have to). It is not worth the anxiety to over-emphasize on full breastfeeding for working mothers. Your baby will still continue to thrive with formula milk and the burden-free love from you.

As a mother yourself, how do you translate your experiences into the development of Tollyjoy’s products?

I share my humble personal opinions as a mother, with our product development team, with regards to product designs/usage etc. Mothers appreciate convenience, easy to clean and of course affordability! I take on potential product sample testing as well. They do not represent the entire market of consumers, but probably a small fraction.  

Tollyjoy’s tagline is “For The Baby You Love”. What does this line mean to you, and how does it steer the company’s direction as a babycare brand?

We always put ourselves in the position of new parents and produce only quality products meant for their precious little babies. As a manufacturer of baby products, we are geared towards providing competitively-priced baby care and mother care products with the highest quality and reliability. In the past, present and always. 

If you could describe Tollyjoy in one sentence, what would it be? How would Tollyjoy want its customers to remember the Tollyjoy brand?

Quality products for the baby you love. :)  

We would like customers to know and remember Tollyjoy as providing reliable baby products and/or mother care products which are of the highest quality possible. We will continue to do what we know best.  

In your opinion, what sets Tollyjoy apart from other babycare brands?

We are unique because we have pioneered the effort to provide quality and safe products that adhere to the strictest test standards. We have pushed for this even before it was required by the government. We believe that this has educated consumers on the importance of safe products that should always be hand-in-hand with style, design, practicality and comfort.

Our belief is to always provide products of the highest quality and reliability, and so we do invest in research and development (R&D) to ensure that we maintain this.

Our operations have been based primarily on word of mouth with minimal traditional marketing activities, especially when we first started. This shows the resilience of our brand in the baby and mother care market. 

We will remain on track with developments in the political, economic, social, environmental and technological settings all around to keep our brand at the forefront of the industry.

Lastly, what is something we can look forward to see in Tollyjoy this year?

We develop new products periodically to cater to the changing needs, wants and lifestyles of our consumers. With reference to our current bestselling products – baby wipes, accessories cleanses, detergents, nursing pads and the clothing line – we believe in constantly improving on our current favourites to keep the brand fresh.

Tollyjoy products can be purchased at all major supermarkets and online stores. Visit for more information about this brand and its products for the baby you love.  

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