Hegen PCTO™ Complete Starter Kit PPSU (SG Exclusive)

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A Hegen bottle is both aesthetically pleasing and inherently functional. Perfect for all mothers with everything you’ll ever need in a complete starter kit - Express, Store, Feed within a single container with no wasteful transfer of milk necessary! Simply change between adapters, feeding collars and storage lids to express, store and feed in a single container without any wasteful transfer of milk, making every drop count! You’ll definitely LOVE it!


World’s first one-hand closure

Hegen is the world’s first feeding bottle that features a unique one-hand close. This is extremely useful for parents who always have their hands full. With no screw threads, they can just Press-to-Close and Twist-to-Open! Preparing a bottle has never been simpler for Singaporean parents who are always on the go.

Innovative and functional design

Hegen's practical and multi-functional design transcends boundaries in baby feeding. Designed to closely mimic a mother's lactating breast, the elliptical-shaped and super soft silicone teat minimizes nipple confusion so that combining breast and bottle-feeding is seamless. The off-centre teat allows your baby to feed in a natural upright position to reduce the risk of milk back-flow which could result in mid-ear complications and colic. The built-in “anti-colic air-vent” feature further prevents bubbling of milk and saves precious nutrients from oxidation. Its unique soft square shape also makes it easier for your baby to hold and is also ergonomically designed to save space in your home and bag.

Store and feed in a single container

Simply express directly from our Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump (sold separately) into Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage PPSU, then swap the lid with a Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage Lid. This instantly converts it into an air-tight storage container that you can store in the chiller or a storage bag. To feed, simply reheat to desired temperature and change the lid to a feeding lid. Not only is it super convenient, it also ensures minimal wastage and oxidation of your precious milk.

The bottle that grows with your baby

Throughout your child’s journey, Hegen aims to complement as a trusty companion that grows with you and your baby. Unlike most feeding bottles which are recommended to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, Hegen bottles are built to be environmentally-friendly and reusable as storage containers for fruits, snacks or healthy treats for your child and the whole family, perfect for a picnic or a day of parent-child bonding!
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  • Hassle-free handling and minimum spillage
  • Minimal formation of air bubbles and oxidation of precious nutrients
  • Seamless combination of breast and bottle feeding
  • Single-handed operation
  • Upright feeding reduces the risk of milk back-flow
  • Snap-on interconnecting buttons enhances stability to avoid messiness, toppling and spillage
  • Expressing, storing and feeding within a single container guarantees no wasteful transfer of milk
  • Fuss-free cleaning
  • Growing with your baby, the storage containers can also be used as a snack cup or to store baby food, semi-solids, puree, biscuits, fruits or even juices


  • Revolutionary no screw thread one-handed closure: Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open, PCTO™ innovation
  • Built-in “anti-colic air vent” reduces unwanted air intake
  • Elliptical-shaped silicone teat closely mimics a mother's breast to simulate a real latching experience
  • Off-centre teat enables your baby to feed in a natural upright position
  • Secured closure protects precious nutrients from oxidation and keeps breast milk fresh
  • Smooth interior surface, wide bottle opening and minimal parts make cleaning exceptionally easy
  • FDA compliant food-contact grade and NSF certified medical grade material
  • PPSU is naturally amber-coloured and contains no artificial pigments
  • Superior toughness and high temperature resistance
  • BPA-free and lightweight
Especially love how versatile Hegen items are and how it’s compatible with my pump from another brand. Storage of milk is also extremely easy and convenient, will definitely buy more!

-Renee, mom of one

Set came in a beautiful box and made my day unwrapping! Completely worth every dollar!

-Jessin, mom of three

This is by far the best bottle milk I’ve tried. My number two has been using it for almost 2 months. I’ve faced no issues at all when it comes to his drinking and he burps easily too. The bottle parts are so easy to assemble! Great quality product, would definitely recommend it!

-Lynda, mother of two

What a great set option! Been recommending it to other mummys since I got it. My little one tried various other brands but didn’t seem to like them very much. Love the soft teats and natural shape

-Matilda, mom of one

Started bottle feeding my baby boy when he was only 2 months old, and the slow flow teats were very good! It set a great and steady pace for my baby to drink. When I flipped it over, it didn't drip at all! This bottle works best if you want to try bottle feeding whilst continuing breastfeeding. This provides a good balance and a great way to introduce the bottle. The inclusion of other sizes and teats in this set makes it so effortless to grow with my baby. No worries and fussing about having to replace the bottle. I’m definitely a huge fan!

-Soo Kee, mom of two

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