Experience the FIRST EVER
Cashless Shopping at SuperMom Baby Fair

Don’t like to Q for hours to pay?
Don’t like to use cash to pay?

SuperMom solve all your frustrations you have at other baby fair.

At SuperMom Baby Fair, parents can SKIP THE Q for payment.

Simply go ONLINE and go CASHLESS

Option 1 – Scan, Add to Cart and Pay

Step 1
Use WeLoveSuperMom App (Andriod/IOS)
Click on the QR Code Icon

Step 2
Scan QR code at the Baby Fair and it will direct you to the Merchant's store.

Step 3
Add the products to your cart and pay

Option 2 – Search for Product, Add to Cart and Pay

Step 1
Visit Supermom Website or use WeLoveSuperMom App (Andriod/IOS)
Enter the product you want to search for in the search box.

Step 2
Add the product to cart and pay

Step 3
Checkout & Collect product at SuperMom Baby Fair on
30 Aug - 1 Sept'19 | Singapore Expo Hall 5

WeLoveSuperMom App

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Go Cashless. Skip the Q. Go Light. Go Fast.

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