6 Tips for Baby’s Optimal Sleeping Posture

Watching our bundles of joy sleep can be quite the heartwarming moment for our parents, to see them peacefully resting for the night and for us parents, winding down for a good night’s sleep. But did you know that ensuring our baby’s optimal sleeping posture can help prevent fatal sleeping accidents and by extension, lower the risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI)? Here’s 6 tips to help your baby get their best sleep and recharged for the day!

1. Babies to sleep wholly on their back

According to the National Institutes of Health and Human Development of the US, though there are no evident reason how back sleeping is protective, studies have labelled it as the "best sleeping position for babies". Back sleeping reduces pressure on our babies’ jaw and ensures an open airway hence not restricting breathing. This also prevents babies from breathing any microbes or fibres from mattresses or mattress covers.

2. Keeping a cool temperature in baby’s room

Our baby’s room should be kept at a good 20 – 24 degrees for a comfortable night. Research shows that our babies get pretty uncomfortable with warmer temperatures. Having said so, it is not advised to be placing baby directly under the air conditioning or infront of a fan as such gusts can get pretty chilly for our little one.

3. Dressing our babies in clothing to keep them warm but not too warm.

Keeping them comfortably warm is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Too warm and you will get an angsty baby in the middle of the night. There is no need to over bundle or keep them on their mittens and botties of not necessary. A good indication will be for babies’ skin to be relatively warm to the touch.

4. Avoid anything around baby which might accidentally cover baby’s face – toys, loose bedding or blankets, soft pillows all included.

A firm bedding is fantastic for baby. Having bumper pads, gaps around the cot, pillows which are too soft or stuffed animals are not recommended as anything which will cover baby’s face during sleep is discouraged.

5. Wearable blankets or a comfortable swaddle is all it takes to keep snug and warm.

Loose blankets can accidentally cover our babies face as they roll around in the night. Hence it is important that anything wrapping our babies to keep them warm should be snuggly tucking our baby. Definitely opt for breathable cotton for best results.

6. Getting a good baby pillow

Selecting a good baby pillow is necessary for our babies’ sleep. Sleeping on their backs can lead to flat head syndrome where the back of our babies’ head, given their soft bone structure becomes flat. To prevent this, you might want to look out for a pillow which helps to support baby’s head as if it is holding it, firmly while distributing the weight of the head on the pillow. Such pillows also help reduce head orientation and keeps our babies on a back sleeping position.

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