A free maternity gift set worth $100 for expectant moms 10 to 28 weeks into pregnancy term. 

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Expecting? Congrats!

Let Fair Capital help you find reassurance with maternity financial review so that you and your child are protected from unexpected complications throughout your pregnancy. Partners with major insurance companies we at Fair Capital would help you to choose the most suitable plan for you.

Sign up below for a no-obligation 30mins consultation (unable to conduct meeting via Zoom, must be face-to-face) on maternity financial review and redeem a free maternity gift set worth $100! Note: You must be delivering in Singapore to be eligible.

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Terms & conditions

  1. The purpose of this campaign is to educate pregnant women delivering in Singapore on how you can better protect yourself and your child from all the unexpected complications during your pregnancy and maternity financial review.
  2. The maternity gift set is subject to terms and conditions. Eligibility criteria: Singaporean or PR.
  3. Every family is entitled to one gift set only per pregnancy. We reserve the right to change the gifts without prior notice. Should the items be unavailable, we will replace them with other items with similar value.
  4. The gift can only be hand-delivered to the participating pregnant mum after a 30 minutes session of maternity financial review with Fair Capital representatives. A return acknowledgement form is required after the session.
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