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Baby's Nutrition Needs and Digestion Woes

5th September 2020, 3pm - 4pm

Generally, your child is ready to start solids from around 6 months of age. It is important to ensure your child is getting enough nutrients from the diet. Digestion woes are a common problem that can disrupt a child’s growth and development and make life uncomfortable for both mummy and child. So how can Mummies manage these common issues?

Join Dr Petrina Wong of Gleneagles Hospital in the second series of #ParentingYourWay on 5th September to understand more about your growing baby’s digestion woes.


  • What are the essential vitamins and minerals a child needs for his growth and development?
  • Common digestion issues when a child starts on solids
  • Managing unexplained cries – Recognising signs which are more related to digestion
  • Dealing with common digestion issues – Colic, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Intolerance, Regurgitation and Allergies
  • What happens, Why that happens and What are the solutions?
  • How probiotics play a role in supporting a child’s diet?



Dr Petrina Wong is a paediatrician at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. She has been trained in various paediatric specialities for more than 15 years.

Apart from seeing babies and children from 0 to 16 years old, for well baby checks and general paediatric conditions, she specialises in childhood respiratory illnesses and sleep conditions like lung infections, wheezing, asthma, snoring, sleep apnoea, and behavioural sleep disorders.


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This webinar is open to parents with children age 6 mths to 2 yrs old only.

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