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  • Answers to your burning questions, specific to your family’s needs
  • Support you wherever you are on your parenting journey –  be it new parents or parents with school-going children, you’ll have direct access to expert tips to make empowerment through informed choices
  • A warm community of experts and parents who understand your challenges and celebrate your parenting wins
  • Opportunities to win attractive prizes worth $1,600 during Q&A sessions and for simply turning up early!
  • Shop exclusive deals flashed during webinars 

As we strive to balance the needs of our children, safety concerns with the pandemic, uncertainty, and our own mental health,​ it is even more essential to support parents in being “good enough”. Research suggests that it's much healthier for children when parents do a ‘good enough’ job, rather than striving for the mythical perfect version of parenting.

Lessons learned in these webinars are intended to be applicable both during and after the pandemic, taking different forms as the world evolves and as your children grow older. Sessions are segmented by age range to ensure relevant issues for different developmental stages are addressed.

Intended for


Expectant parents and parents with babies aged 0-2

Life with a new baby can feel like an emotional roller coaster – it’s often exhilarating, joyful and overwhelming all at the same time. How can you make the most of it? Join our experts as they discuss about the first year of parenting and navigating the new normal –  from evaluating your labour options, to preparing for motherhood and breastfeeding, to benefits of cord blood banking. 


Parents with school going children aged 3-12

We may have felt worried of making the wrong decisions as parents, or we may have been consumed with guilt that we are not doing enough for our children. Some of us may want our children to experience a different upbringing than we did, but we may not know how to go about it. We have invited professionals who will provide practical, hands-on strategies and real-life experiences to assist you in navigating the most challenging situations and phases as you create deep, meaningful, and sustainable relationships with your children. We'll also discuss techniques to help your child’s emotional regulation for better behaviour, accelerating your child’s academic improvement with personalisation, and supporting your child through primary school. 

Participation Information

All you need is your desktop or mobile phone – no webcam required. The sessions are offered in a Q&A style discussion via ZOOM. Questions can be posed ahead of time or live via chat. 

Feel free to “come as you are”, in sweats, multi-tasking or curled up with a cup of tea. Attendees can choose to participate with your camera on or off and/or to change your zoom screen name depending on your privacy concerns. 

RSVP today and then learn from the comfort of your home. Space in the webinar is limited, so register NOW! 

Expected hot topics and registration for each sessions are listed below. These sessions are FREE for all. 

Expectant Parents & Parents with Babies Aged 0-2 Years Old 


Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Pregnancy & Baby

  • Natural or C-sect: Evaluating your labour options
  • The first 1,000 days after birth: Caring for your baby and you
  • Managing Common Newborn Issues
  • The benefits of cord blood banking
  • Empowering your breastfeeding journey 

The Complete Guide On How To Get Through The 1st 1,000 Days of Parenthood

  • Help! I am a first-time father!
  • Infant CPR and caregiver lifesaving skills
  • Your cord blood donation can save lives
  • Sleep tips for your baby (and you!)

Parents with children aged 0-12 years old 


Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P)

Triple P is an evidence-based parenting programme that equips parents with techniques to help with their children’s emotional regulation for better behaviour. MSF’s evaluation studies, found that Triple P has positive effects on parenting and child outcomes in Singapore. 

Parents with primary school-going children with low to moderate levels of problematic behaviours sustained a 18% reduction in their child’s problematic behavioural scores and 16% reduction in parenting stress scores. All findings are statistically significant.

For Parents with School Going Children Aged 3-12 Years Old


Raising Future Ready, Resilient Children 

  • Raising Future-Ready, Resilient Children
  • Dear primary schooler, are you stressed?
  • Personalising your child’s learning & development
  • Encouraging your child’s love for Mandarin
  • The Making of Healthy Bentos (Picky-eater approved)

Supporting Your Child through Primary School

  • Helping your child cope with transitions & growth phases
  • Unlocking communication codes with your primary schooler
  • Supporting your child through Primary School – Mid year exams or not
  • Studying can be fun – with technology!
  • Discovering your parenting style & finding strength from within

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