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Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Pregnancy & Baby 

31 October 2020, Saturday 
2pm - 4.30pm

Embrace pregnancy & parenthood with no fear! Preparing for your baby’s arrival can be overwhelming especially if you are first-time parents and it’s true that no two parenting journeys are the same!
No matter how much you’ve read, watched, studied or talked about this amazing biological journey, you are bound to have questions and fears about childbirth and caring for your newborn. 
Don’t miss the chance to hear directly from leading experts with combined experience of more than 40 years in the field of pregnancy and baby care! 
This is an interactive session where we’ve prepared MUST-HAVE insights to empower you with secret ingredients for a happier, healthier pregnancy and baby:
-Is c-sect really the less painful option? What pain relief options are there to consider?
-What should you expect at each fetal scan and how do you monitor baby’s development?
-Is it impossible to succeed in breastfeeding ? No siree! Learn the secret formula from acclaimed lactation consultant, Sister Kang, who has helped thousands of mothers to successfully breastfeed in the past 15 years!  
-Your newborn is about to arrive. Are you ready for his / her arrival?


All you need to know about C-section:
• Is C-sect the less painful option? 
What really happens during a C-section? 
• Can there be complications in childbirth?


Baby Development Milestones: 
• What should you expect at each fetal scan
• What tests are really necessary in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters? 
•  How do you know if your baby is developing well 


All you need to know about successful breastfeeding: 
•Got milk? Common breastfeeding challenges new moms face
How a successful breastfeeding journey looks like 
Breast is best! Your successful breastfeeding checklist  


Are you financially prepared for your little one? 

So much to learn! So sign up now to avoid disappointment! Empower your pregnancy and parenthood journey with our Ultimate Guide - valuable information concise into half a day power pack session! Sign up now to secure your FREE Pampers full diaper pack and lots more! 


Sister Kang

 International board certified Lactation Consultant, International Certified Infant Massage Instructor              

Dr Ng Ying Woo

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, 

SBCC Women’s Clinic

Dr Tan Kai Lit

Head, Fetal Assesment Unit, 

O&G Consultant,

Thomson Women’s Clinic

Sheetal Somaiya

Accredited Dietitian of Singapore (ADS),

Certified Diabetes Educator (IDF)


Sign up to reserve your seats now! All participants will receive a FREE Pampers full diaper pack and lots more baby goodies. Our webinar partner, William Li & Associates, an agency unit of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Reg. No. 199002477Z) will be in touch with you after the webinar to arrange a meet up and delivery of your webinar goodie bag.

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