Signs of Effective Breastfeeding
by Ms. Nurhanesah Binte A. Rahman

How do you know if your baby is feeding well? In this clip, Ms. Nurhanesah shares what are some factors mothers can look into to know that there is a good milk transfer during breastfeeding. She points out that the gradual change of baby’s stool that signifies that the baby is absorbing the right amount of nutrients from the mother’s milk. Other than looking at the effects of breastfeeding on baby, Ms. Nurhanesah also shares how the mother will feel after breastfeeding. Join in and learn how to look out for the signs of a good feed! 

Ms. Nurhanesah Binte A. Rahman is a Lactation Consultant with Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. She is experienced in aiding new parents on their breastfeeding journey.

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