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Returns & Refunds

How do I return my item?
Am I eligible for a return/refund request?
How do I file a return/refund request?
How do I return my wrong/damaged item once the return request has been confirmed?
Will my return shipping fee be covered?
How long does it take to complete my return/refund request?
What type of supporting documents should I attach with my returns?
What if the merchant fails to respond to me?
How can I submit a dispute if I don't agree with the merchant decision?
How should I pack the items for return?
How does the refund work?
How much will I be refunded if I use a promo code for my order?
How long is the refund process?
What happens to the sm$ credit in my wallet if I choose to do a refund?
Will my shipping fees be refunded?


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Return and refunds
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