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Understanding Your Kids Learning Strengths and Gaps to Avoid Burnt Out and Accelerate
Their Learning Curve with Geniebook 

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Tackling current and future education challenges is something that every parent faces. Knowing what to expect can help you handle these changes with positivity. If you have a child in primary or secondary school and you’d like some skills and strategies to identify the specific subject areas that your child needs to focus on, join us in this FREE 2-week Trial (worth $100!!) to help your child learn smarter and do better in their studies.

PLUS a FREE Strength Analysis for a AI Report on your child's LEARNING GAPS and also get:

  • Access to GenieClass online and recorded lessons to reinforce key concepts
  • Access to GenieAsk real-time chats with teachers for instant solutions
  • 3x Geniesmart worksheets that speed up improvement
  • Detailed solutions by qualified ex-MOE and NIE trained teachers
  • Engaging demos and quizzes

With support and reliable information, you can navigate any challenges and power up your child's academics.


Raising Future-Ready Children


Building a Positive Learning Attitude


Accelerating Your Child's Academic with Personalised Learning


Powering Up Your Child's Learning

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