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New Parent’s Survival Guide to having a Baby!

28 November 2020, Saturday 
2pm - 4pm

Hello expecting parents! Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are embarking on a very exciting journey, and no matter how much you read you’ll feel that you are unprepared for it. You will have so many things to learn about - yourself, your baby and even your partner! Are you ready for this new adventure? 
No matter how much you have read, watched, studied or talked about this amazing biological journey, you are bound to have questions and fears about childbirth and caring for your little one and yourself! We’ve invited experts from Parkway East Hospital and Annabelle Psychology to share with you some of their knowledge on pregnancy related issues! 
This is an interactive session where we’ve prepared MUST-KNOW insights to empower you with secret ingredients for a happier, healthier pregnancy and baby:
1) Childbirth 101: All You Need to Know about Giving Birth
2) Coping with Post-Natal Depression (PND) in our Modern Society
3) Caring for your Newborn: Allergies, Intolerance & Sleep Management


All you need to know about Giving Birth:
• Natural Birth VS C-Section
• Tips for dealing with Active labor & labour pains 
• 3 stages to a vaginal delivery- what to expect for each one


Sleep training your baby: 
• How to sleep train & When to start sleep training
• Signs of sleepiness and sleep deprivation 
•  Expert-approved tips for success sleep training


Baby Blues & Postnatal Depression
•Before,during and after pregnancy
How to cope with your wound and emotions
Psychological treatment or "talk therapy"  


Newborn allergies & Intolerance
•Colds VS Baby Allergies
•Identifying baby Food Allergies & Preventing them
•Soothing baby's allergy symptoms


Dr Ting Hua Sieng

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Specialist

Parkway East Hospital

Dr Annabelle Chow

Clinical Psychologist

Annabelle Psychology

Dr Mohana D/O Rajakulendran


Parkway East Hospital

Mr Foo Yong Chee & Ms Koh Ting Ting

Financial Consultant

Virtus Associates, AIA


Sign up to reserve your seats now! Attendees will receive a Supermom's pregnancy goodies bag with lots baby goodies & samples. Our webinar partner, Virtus Associates, authorised representative of AIA Singapore Private Limited (Reg.No. 201106386R) will be in touch with you after the webinar to arrange a meet up and delivery of your webinar goodie bag.

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