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How do I return my wrong/damaged item once the return request has been confirmed?

Once the return request has been approved by the seller. Customers will have 3 days to return the item and provide proof of delivery with the delivery info (eg. delivery company/ tracking no./ Proof of shipment).

Customers will need to contact the seller directly for the seller’s return address. Customers can do so by searching for the seller’s store on the Website and send an enquiry to the seller directly.

a. Log on to search for your merchant’s store on the given search bar.

b. Select the store

c. Once on the merchant’s homepage, you may select the ‘Chat Now’ button located below the header.

d. State your request and your order ID. You should also accompany your request with a screenshot of your invoice and pictures to support your request. This is especially important if you wish to return an item that was wrongly delivered or a damaged item.

You can also request for return/refund with sellers on the product page via the speech bubble icon located at the bottom left hand corner of your phone.

If the merchant fails to get back to you within the given timeframe of 3 working days, you can contact our customer service agents via our SuperMom chat. You may also write in to us at [email protected]. For urgent requests, please call our hotline at +6531384710 or +6531384453. Our hotline is open from Mondays to Fridays between 10 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Note: If return is not shipped within the given timeframe, their request for refund would be automatically cancelled and funds would be released to the seller

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