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Get 5 FREE Trial Classes with an Exclusive Plush Toy for FREE now!

Supermom parents with child 2 to 9 years old can enjoy exclusive 5 classes for FREE plus an exclusive Plush Toy now when you sign up the free trial class through our link below today!

Experience Gua Gua Long with the following complimentary services: ​ 

1) Children can have comprehensive learning while having fun with Rex (an orange cartoon dragon is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered “tutor”) & his friends that interacts with the children and guide them in learning.

2) Professional teachers from top universities including Columbia University, Tsingha University, Peking University.

3) A teacher is assigned to each learner to track and review the progress.

Click the button below to enjoy this exclusive offer to Parents with child 2 to 9 years old!


This exclusive offer to SuperMom will only be available to new customers of Gua Gua Long after signing up and onboarding process. These lessons are not available for transfer, refund or any other conversion methods . Redemption of free classes is limited to parents with child age 2-9 years old only

I agree that SuperMom, Rise & Shine and their affiliated partners may collect, use and disclose my personal data, as provided in this application form, for the purpose of sending me marketing, advertising and promotional information about products/services that SuperMom, Rise & Shine and their affiliated partners may be offering.

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