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Building Your Child's Immunity During A Pandemic

22nd August 2020, 3pm - 4pm

How do we aid our children’s immunity with diet and lifestyle habits? What happens when our children’s gut microbiome is imbalanced of good and bad bacteria? What foods should we look out for to nurture a stronger immunity? 

Join Dr Ang Ai Tin of Thomson Paediatric Clinic on 22nd August in the first series of #ParentingYourWay to learn how you can better build your child’s immunity especially in this pandemic!


  • How is a child's immunity formed?
  • How is immunity linked to a healthy gut?
  • What happens when the immunity balance is affected?
  • Common illnesses in children due to imbalanced immunity system?
  • Can too much prevention be a bad thing?
  • How can we support immunity in children?
  • Diet and nutrition for a strong immunity.
  • Lifestyle choices to build a stronger immunity.
  • The role of 2'-FL in our bodies.
  • What are the essential vitamins and minerals for children?



Dr Ang Ai Tin graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1981 and received her Masters in Paediatric Medicine 6 years later in 1987.

Dr Ang has been with Thomson Paediatric Centre since 1991 and is a resident neonatologist once she was recognised by the Specialists Accreditation Board for Neonatology in 2011.


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