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Amazing Pregnancy Journey: Ready for the New Baby Challenge?

26th September 2020, 2pm - 4pm

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re about to embark on a life-changing journey – body, mind and soul! It is definitely an exciting and life changing one and you are crossing into some unknown territory. There is so much to learn about yourself, your partner, and your new bundle of joy! Are you ready and well prepared for what is to come? 

Fret not! In this next lineup of  Supermom Online Webinar for Pregnant Parents, we bring to you a panel of experts from Gleneagles Hospital Singapore who will share with you on what to expect from your hospital visits, and some tips on how to care for your new addition to the family! 


  • How To Prepare For Your Amazing Pregnancy Journey
    - Things to note in 2nd Trimester: 20th Week Scans & more 
    - The Last Lap: 3rd Trimester
    - Preparing for Delivery: Labour Options
  • Are you financially prepared for your little one? 
  • What new parents need to know: Successful tips to caring for your newborn?
    - Newborn Milestones (vaccinations, jaundice)
    - Understanding your baby’s cues 
    - Managing Baby’s Sleep Pattern 


Dr Ratna Sridjaja

Paediatrician (PD), SBCC Baby & Child Clinic, Gleneagles Hospital

Dr Quek Swee Chong

O&G Consultant, ASC Clinic for Women, Gleneagles Hospital


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