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Ju-ann Thong

After going through some rough period in her life which include a divorce and an abusive relationship, Ju-ann finally found happiness with current husband Brian Lim.

However, in 2017, Brian was diagnosed with rare kidney cancer. When Brian lost his job, Ju-ann had to support the family which includes their 3 kids. At one time Ju-ann even had to juggle 3 jobs on top of taking care of her ill husband and her kids.

What is so admirable about Ju-ann is that despite all the setbacks, she never fails to give her family the best. She has learned to accept that time is too precious to be wasted on minute issues and instead uses every available time to create precious memories.

As a person who is continuously improving her skill set, Ju-ann intends to take up work courses soon. She is also working out with cancer organisation to visit patients and share about her experience.

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