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Betty Yu

Betty Yu, a beautician and an image trainer aged 57 is married to a Philippines American who is 12 years her senior. After they got married, her husband who was working for an Indonesian company was posted to Indonesia.

Life was luxury, beautiful and complete for Betty, a perfect family with a loving and supportive husband, two lovely sons, a beauty business and a beautiful home – she had it all!

In 2005 her world came crashing down after her husband was met with a car accident in Indonesia and was paralysed from neck down and lost his job. This was followed by a stoke 3 years later in Singapore.

Betty had to close her business in Indonesia and moved her family back to Singapore and start from scratch. My husband went through operations and 3 years of rehab therapies here. Without a P.R. status, his medical bills wiped out all their savings and they lost their beautiful home.

Without much choice, his family and Betty had to make the painful decision to move him back to his family home in Philippines where nursing and medical care is cheaper.

Betty then have to take care of her two boys on her own who was aged 3 months and 4 years old, moving from rental home after rental home until she bought her own 4 rooms HDB flat.

Besides being the sole bread winner, Betty had to take care of her elder son emotion as he missed his dad and could not accept the fate of his dad and their family downfall. Betty had to send him for regular counselling, comfort him and constantly stay by his side.

She kept her depression and loneliness from her children and kept a strong, happy and positive outlook for them, providing them with a proper home and education. Turning to God she constantly prays for strength and provision.

During one of her lowest time of her life her friend encouraged her to join Mrs Singapore Pageant. She laughed and wrote it off. But after some thoughts and prayer, she decided to take up the challenge, not for winning but to get out of her depression and be who she was before.

Betty joined and won Classic Mrs Singapore Tourism 2012 and went overseas to represent Singapore and won Classic Mrs Asia International Tourism, International Ambassador, International Congeniality, International Vitality and International Radiance.

Her confidence and happy outlook came back and her business improved. She went on to bless others by being actively involved in Society of Aged Sick and Singapore Cancer Society from 2012 till now.

In 2015 Betty was diagnosed with stage 3C womb cancer. She bravely went through operation, chemotherapy and radiation. Today she is a cancer survivor and is a patient ambassador and motivator speaker of SCS.

Betty has kept her family together in good times and in bad times and believed in keeping her marriage vows. Today her children are now 14 and 18 years old and they keep in touch with their father daily through skype and visitation.

God has indeed molded Betty for who she is today though all the challenges in her life and he has blessed them abundantly. 

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