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Elevate your parenting journey and earn rewards! Join us to turn your daily moments into valuable insights. Get paid or receive special gifts by engaging in social media, article writing, product reviews, trying new items and taking surveys or polls. Promote your beloved products and make every experience rewarding. Let's grow together!

What Do The Supermom KOM Say?
Discover what other Supermom KOMs are saying about joining the Key Opinion Mother Program. Hear their voices and learn about the benefits they have experienced!

I'm really so happy to join the Key Opinion Mother program at Supermom. Participating in this program makes me more productive even though I'm just at home. My knowledge about parenting and editing skills have become sharper. Plus, I can also share about parenting with other moms!”

- Reny, Mother of 1
Housewife (@renyfardila)

One of the best decisions I made last year was to join Supermom and the Key Opinion Mother program. Besides being empowered from home due to a good income, I can also share more powerful content ideas about children on my social media with Supermom.

- Andarini, Mother of 1
Housewife (@andaawaskita)

Being a Key Opinion Mother at Supermom is a way for me to share about child rights-based parenting. I hope that by sharing on Supermom, more parents can empower their children.

- Diana, Mother of 3
Mompreneur (@dianariasari_)

So proud and happy to be part of the Key Opinion Mother at Supermom. I can pour out ideas in the form of parenting tips content and get rewards every month🥰

- Tiara Rahmania, Mother of 2
Mom Influencer (@tiera.rm)

I am very pleased to follow several programs at Supermom. As a full-time mom, I can still be productive and earn an income even just from home.

Dian, Mother of 1
Housewife (@diyndaini)

I am very happy to follow the Key Opinion Mother program in the Supermom app. Besides earning, I also gain new experiences.

Zida, Mother of 2
Housewife (@zidatiara)

I really like following the programs from Supermom because they help me earn an income amidst my busy schedule. Besides, I also get to know famous products.

Riska, Mother 1
Housewife (@riskafitrioktv)

I am thrilled to collaborate with SuperMom, opening new flexible job opportunities while balancing my life as a Housewife & business owner. Supermom's appreciation for each content produced is a motivation to create even better and higher quality content.

Gayatri, Mother of 2
Entrepreneur & Housewife (@gayatripdewi)

Joining Supermom's Key Opinion Mother program has been a delightful journey. As a mom, it's been a perfect blend of sharing parenting insights and nurturing my creativity. The community support and earning potential are simply amazing. Supermom truly empowers us moms in every way.

Adinda Soebroto, Mother of 1
Housewife (@adindasoebroto)
What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Key Opinion Mother (KOM) at Supermom?
As a Key Opinion Mother (KOM) at Supermom, Moms have the opportunity to empower themselves within this community and earn additional income, aligning with our core values of shopping, earning, and sharing.
Sharing Product & Service Recommendations
Moms can share their favorite and trusted product and service recommendations with other mothers in the community.
Earning Income, Rewards, and Free Products
Moms can receive rewards such as cash, vouchers, free products, or discounts from well-known brands partnering with Supermom.
Growing With the Community
Moms have the chance to learn and grow with a community of mothers who have similar interests and experiences.
Empower Other Mothers
Moms can contribute by helping other mothers make informed decisions for their families.
How to Become a KOM at Supermom?
Follow these steps to become a KOM at Supermom:
Register Now

Click the Register Now button and complete your profile. Choose your role as a content creator, blogger, reviewer, or influencer.

Connect with Us
The Supermom team will reach out to you and provide basic insights to kickstart your journey as a KOM.
Explore Campaigns
Browse through available campaigns, select the tasks you want to work on, start creating, and get paid for your contributions.
Types of Work Offered in the Supermom KOM Program
Earn exciting rewards like cash, vouchers, free products, or discounts by completing a variety of simple tasks.
Filling Out Surveys
After registering, Moms can easily participate in surveys and have the opportunity to earn up to Rp 50,000 instantly.
Content Collaboration
By registering as a content creator, the Supermom team will contact Moms to provide initial guidance on becoming a Supermom KOM.
Referral Code Program
Join the referral program to earn Rp 15,000 each time Moms successfully invite another mother to join Supermom.
Monthly Estimated Earnings in Supermom KOM Program
Moms have the flexibility to select from a diverse range of job options, with earnings directly tied to the quantity of completed tasks. Below is a detailed table outlining the potential monthly earnings moms can achieve through this program:
Supermom KOMType of WorkEstimated Earning Per TaskAverage Tasks per MonthEstimated Monthly Earnings
Content Creator (Reels)Estimated earning SGD 403XSGD 120
Content Creator (Static Post)Estimated earning SGD 303XSGD 90
Blog WriterEstimated earning SGD 203XSGD 60
Joining CampaignsEstimated earning SGD 353XSGD 105
Referral Code ProgramEstimated earning SGD 110XSGD 10
Filling SurveysEstimated earning SGD 53XSGD 15
Total Estimated Monthly Earnings for Supermom KOMSGD 400
Selected Brands Collaborating with Us
Supermom has partnered with a multitude of renowned brands offering quality products and services beneficial for mothers and families.
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Here are some common questions asked by prospective KOMs at Supermom:
What is Supermom KOM?

Do I have to pay to become a KOM at Supermom?

Do I need to have previous experience as a content creator or influencer?

Do I need to have a large number of followers on social media?

How do I earn rewards from Supermom?

Who is Supermom?
Supermom is an online platform tailored for mothers, offering a smart way to compare products and prices for their children. It's more than just a shopping site, it also allows mothers to share their experiences and reviews, earning rewards or extra income. This innovative approach enhances shopping and creates a community where mothers can exchange insights and enjoy financial benefits.
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