Why opt for DNA genetic testing for your child?
✅ With genetic testing for your child, you get scientifically-backed insights that can assist you in better understanding and supporting their development.
✅ Focus on areas where your child is most likely to excel, saving you time and money.
✅ Empowers you to tailor enrichment programmes that align with your child's learning style.
✅ Fosters your child's motivation by recognising and nurturing their innate talents, making the learning process more enjoyable.
✅ Enables you to adopt an optimal parenting style that complements your child's individual personality traits.
Help Your Child Achieve Success in Life Through DNA Screening

Early childhood development is key to raising healthy and successful children. As children learn and develop faster in the first few years of life, building a solid foundation for them during this period helps shape their lifelong health, academic achievement, economic success and happiness in life.

Cordlife TALENT SCREENING is a DNA screening service that uses cutting-edge technology to help you learn about your child. The report will include insightful information about your child in 16 categories, across 3 aspects:

1. Talents & Learning Abilities – Including Creativity, Learning Ability, Mathematical Talent, Music Talent, etc
2. Character Traits – Including Empathy, Stress Resistance, Depression Tendency, etc
3. Sports Traits – Including Sport Muscle Endurance, etc
Step 1: Sign up now & stand to win a FREE kit
Step 2: Collect your child’s saliva sample & mail it out.
Step 3: Receive the test results within 6 to 8 weeks.
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This offer is only available for parents with child 1 to 6 years old, and who/partners are not licensed financial consultants.

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