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Ever since a baby is born, they have been exposed to milk. It is the first thing they consume. The high amount of nutrients and vitamins in it are indispensable to the growth of a baby. But, there will come a period in which moms don’t breastfeed anymore. This doesn’t mean their milk intake should come to a halt, rather moms should carefully select milk that fits their health and age. Welovesupermom offers the best selection of milk available online in Singapore.
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Beaba Babycook Neo Baby Food Maker, Night Blue
Ensure Gold Coffee/Vanilla/Wheat 850g(tin)/2.4kg(Refill)
S$32.14 - S$68.45
[DDODDOMAM] Halal Snack from organic rice - Baby Rice Sticks 3 Packs By Official Appointed Importer
S$14.80 - S$16.80
Little Freddie Organic Baby Food Creamy Banana Greek Style Yoghurt 100g
Nanimom Fresh Ikan Bilis Powder Baby Food
Wyeth®Nutrition S26® GOLD PROMIL® Stage 2 Follow-on Milk Formula 2'-FL 900g
S$76.00 - S$212.50
Baby Food Multigrain Cookies (1 Year +) (7 x 50G) (Halal)
Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 4 Growing Up Kid Milk Formula 850g
S$39.40 - S$421.20
* NEW PACKAGING* Friso Gold stage 3 stage 4 refill pack 1.2kg
S$32.88 - S$96.00
Sambucol Aus and UK Version for Kids and Family *Authorised Exclusive Distributor*
S$21.90 - S$66.00
[Single Tin] ​Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 2 Baby Follow On Milk Powder Formula 850g (6 Months Onwards)
Lavie Lactation Massage Roller
S$24.57 - S$28.90
[Single Tin] Dumex Dulac Stage 1 Newborn Infant Milk Powder Formula 800g (0-12 Months)
S$15.00 - S$61.60
Ensure Life with HMB Adult Nutrition - Vanilla 400g
S$21.35 - S$259.80
Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 Gentlease Baby Formula Milk Powder (1-3Y) 900g
S$58.19 - S$59.85
[DUMEX]【Bundle of 4/5】Mamil Gold Stage 3/4 Growing Up / Children Formula (1.6kg/850g)
[Bundle of 2] Karihome Milk Sweeties - Assorted 200s
S$35.00 - S$39.80
[APTAMIL] Aptamil Gold+ Formula Milk Stage 2/3/4 Box of 3-6 Tins 100% Direct Courier from Australia
Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Xtra 636mg Omega 3 90 Mini Softgels - For Brain Development and Function
S$35.44 - S$60.90
[Single Pack] Dumex Dugro Stage 3/4/5 Growing Up Children Milk Powder Formula 700g (1-Above 6 year)
S$21.70 - S$130.20
Dumex Dugro Stage 3/4/5 Bundle 3 Original/Honey/Choc 850g/1.5kg
S$28.00 - S$119.15
Anmum Materna Formulated Milk for Pregnant Women 650g [Halal Certification]
S$28.22 - S$42.69
FERNLEAF Full Cream Milk Powder 550g asean.os
S$11.45 - S$73.03
California Gold Nutrition | Baby Vitamin D3 Drops for infants | 400IU 10ml - Ultimate Sup
S$13.60 - S$47.00
Medela Supplemental Nursing System Set
S$67.87 - S$119.00
Enfamama A+ Vanilla Maternal Formula Powder Milk Pregnancy And Lactation 900g
PediaSure Gold Value Pack - Classic Vanilla 2.4kg (4 x 600g)
S$101.60 - S$112.80
PediaSure Gold - Premium Chocolate 850g
Simba Baby Food Scissors
S$16.00 - S$18.00
Dumex Mamil Mama Nutritional Milk Powder for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mothers (850g)
S$34.00 - S$64.60
Similac® Stage 4 Gain Kid Pre-school Milk Powder Formula 2-FL 850g (3 years onwards)
S$41.10 - S$452.10
[Single Tin] Dumex Mamil Gold Soy Infant Milk Formula 900g (0-12 months)
Similac® Stage 3 Gain Growing-Up Baby Milk Powder Formula 2-FL 850g (1 year onwards)
S$46.35 - S$511.15
Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Ex Plus Tablet (Promote Metabolism + Improve Sleep Quality) 30s
S$47.17 - S$173.90
Nestlé® NAN® OPTIPRO® 1 Starter Formula 2'FL 850g
NEW Enfagrow Pro A+ Baby Milk Powder Stage 3/5 800g | Stage 4 900g
S$39.40 - S$728.00
Similac® Stage 1 Infant Milk Formula 2-FL 850g (0-12 months)
S$61.70 - S$123.40
Nestlé® NAN® OPTIPRO® 4 Growing Up Milk 850g x6 [NEW PACKAGING -Improved Formula from Singapore]
S$46.50 - S$270.63
GROW Infant Milk Formula for Babies - Stage 1 (0 - 12 months) - 900g
S$18.30 - S$20.90
Similac Mum Strawberry Yoghurt Maternal Milk Powder (400g)
S$15.60 - S$15.75
Similac Total Comfort Stage 1 Infant formula 0-12 months 820g
S$66.90 - S$70.90
[Single Tin] Dumex Dulac Stage 2 Baby Follow On Milk Powder Formula 800g (6 Months Onwards)
Nepro LP: 1.8kcal/ml Lower Protein Nutrition For People on With Reduced Kidney Function- Vanilla 220ml
S$5.70 - S$34.20
Pigeon Digital Thermometer
S$9.90 - S$11.88
Frisolac Gold Stage 2 with 2'-FL 400g - Follow-On Milk Formula Powder - For Infant / Newborn / Baby 6-12 months old
S$27.15 - S$106.00
Similac Total Comfort H.A Stage 3 with 2’-FL, Growing-up milk, 1 year onwards, 820g
S$52.60 - S$53.90
[Single Tin] Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 4 Children Growing Up Milk Powder Formula 850g (3-6 Years)
S$39.40 - S$135.80
GROW Growing Up Milk for Kids - Ready-To-Drink Chocolate (3 - 12 years) - 4x180ml - Expiry Date: 21 February 2023
S$5.30 - S$428.40
Ensure Life Wheat (850g)
S$37.50 - S$43.30
[Clearance] Simply MCT Green Smoothie Enzyme Powder
S$18.00 - S$96.90
Prosure - Vanilla (220ml)
S$6.96 - S$8.20
[Single Pack] Dumex Dugro Stage 4 Children Growing Up Milk Powder Formula 700g (3-6 Years)
S$21.70 - S$90.80
Wyeth®Nutrition S-26® Progress®GOLD® Stage 3 Growing-up Formula 1.6kg
S$77.65 - S$442.61
Enfamil Pro A+ Stage 1 Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder Scholastic (0-12M) 400G
S$33.25 - S$157.70
Colief Vitamin D3 Drops 20ml
S$14.55 - S$19.10
[Bundle of 3] Lao Xie Zhen Collagen Beauty Essence (3boxes x 6packs x 65ml)
S$49.30 - S$999.00
Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Tablet (Help Digestion + Promote Metabolism) 30s
S$26.92 - S$30.52
[Single Tin] Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 3 Children Growing Up Milk Powder Formula 850g (1-3 Years)
S$47.10 - S$428.60
Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant 100ml
S$11.10 - S$13.85

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