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Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is a tool to prevent your baby from touching electrical objects at home, which can be dangerous to them. Electricity--they are in every nook and corner of all households. The majority of objects owned by every modern household arguably are electric. This will not result in regular and major problems if not for the babies. Curiosity always gets the better of them--making them want to play with all kinds of objects. Moms sometimes worry about the prospect of their baby touching electrical objects--as the objects are everywhere. With electrical safety, those worries will poof away--available below, of course!
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Kids Safety Anti Lost Wrist Link Traction Rope with Induction Lock Length: 2.1m
S$8.80 - S$12.99
BC Babycare 24pcs Baby Safety Rotate Double Safe Lock Cover 2/3 Hole Electric Sockets Thicken Kids Protector Protection
Steve & Leif Safety Plug Cover White 4Pcs
SZR 2pcs Fan Guard Dust Cover Net Mesh Dustproof Protection Family Kid Baby Finger Protector Safety Summer
S$5.00 - S$18.04
Schneider Electric Full-Time Weatherproof Twin 2 Gang Transparent Socket Cover IP55 Rated
S$13.45 - S$22.25
Steve & Leif Safety Plug Cover White (3 packs)
Mompick Safety Protector Baby Safety Wall Outlet Cover
Mompick Air Purifier Quadruple High-Efficiency Filter Element Effectively Removes Formaldehyde Rounded Corners And Low-Noise Household Purifier 2864135
[SG seller] Schneider electric Weatherproof In Socket Cover | 1 Gang 2 Gang Lockable | Goldberg Home
Wire box dark box bottom box 86 type dark wire box junction box socket switch box wire box hidden box junction box
S$10.79 - S$20.98
Exposed five-hole socket Exposed fifteen-hole champagne gold wall open-wire box ultra-thin one-open switch socket package
S$11.60 - S$11.62
Type 86 heightened socket waterproof cover stick type bathroom leakage switch splash box water heater protection leakage protection cover
S$10.54 - S$14.20
Type 86 universal surface mounted bottom box PVC junction box wiring box flame retardant switch box socket 3-connection 2-position triple-position
S$10.79 - S$12.07
International electrician waterproof box 86 type self-adhesive switch cover splash-proof box home bathroom toilet socket protection cover
S$10.26 - S$14.98
Type 118 four-position socket waterproof cover bathroom sticky brown splash box bathroom 118 self-adhesive waterproof box
S$11.81 - S$12.96
86 type switch self-adhesive waterproof cover Yuba switch ultra-thin household waterproof box bathroom socket splash-proof box
S$10.21 - S$10.58
Type 86 transparent socket protective cover waterproof box stick-type bathroom bathroom splash box switch waterproof cover home
S$10.79 - S$16.78
Type 86 cassette repairer junction bottom box fixed artifact universal universal socket wall strut switch box wire box
S$10.42 - S$11.96
EUDEMON Mini Baby Kids Safety Oven Stove Gas Range Control Switch Knob Cover Protection Plastic Kitchen Cooker Stove Protector
Type 86 switch cassette bottom box repairer universal household wire box socket fixed artifact wall universal new
S$12.52 - S$12.88
10pcs Germany Power Socket Outlet Plug Protective Cover Baby Safety Protector
S$1.82 - S$1.89
LITTLE Universal Gas Stove Kitchen for Baby Children Switch Protective Cover Safety Locks Knob Protection Locks Stove Knob Covers
YOYO Baby Safety Toddler Child Guard ABS Flame retardant material Two Phase Three Phase Safe Lock Cover Electrical Safety Outlet Protector Socket protection cover
YOYO Black for Baby Children Gas Stove Kitchen Switch Protective Cover Safety Locks Stove Knob Covers Knob Protection Locks
BAIYII Baby 24Pcs/set Power Socket Safe Lock Safety Guard Electrical Outlet Anti-Electric Shock Plugs Socket Cap Socket Protective Case Cover Electric Plug Protector
YOYO Guard Mains Power Baby Protective Child Socket Outlet Covers Plug
Baby Proofing(24 Plugs + 4 Buttons)Socket Plug Cover for Baby ProtectionSocket Cover2-Hole Plug Protector for Child Protection
Type 86 toilet bathroom outdoor sticker switch socket protective cover splash-proof waterproof box socket waterproof cover
BABY Living Room Baby Safety Infant Plastic Guard Toddler Child Electrical Safety Socket protection cover Outlet Protector Safety Plugs
ASM 12/24/48pcs Plug Socket Covers Babies Kids Safety Protector for UK 3 Pin Sockets
【Socket protection cover】 Light much wind wall stick protective sleeve lovely little girl switch decorative stickers creative panel switch socket set
【Socket protection cover】 15 ark type wall stick lamp switch case guest bedroom 5 meaning the hall switch socket decoration set
Bull bright-mounted socket panel with switch ultra-thin bright line wall free punching bright box five-hole household G09 white
S$11.30 - S$14.09
ZOEEN 20 Pcs Mains Proof Power Safety Child Socket Covers Outlet Plug
[Insulation type] Bottom box repairer socket junction box repairer wire box repair strut 86 type switch cassette
S$10.26 - S$11.36
【Socket protection cover】 New protective fabric lace double switch post ideas sitting room the bedroom wall lamp socket decorative contracted and contemporary
QUINT Shock 20 Pcs Baby Safety Protective Child Covers Outlet Socket Plug
【Socket protection cover】 Paper lamp switch stick logo household sign noctilucent installed the panel refers the act the role ofing wall post socket protective cover
LITTLE Point Shock Proof Baby Child Protective Plug Covers Socket Outlet
GOLDEN Child Useful Gifts Switch Socke Three-pin Electrical Safety Plug Guard Shield Socket Hole Cover Anti-electric Shock Plug Protectior
【Socket protection cover】 Switch post cases double wall open set off lie means sitting room room and european-style DengQiang decorative plastic socket
86 type outdoor waterproof box bathroom toilet five-hole socket waterproof box splash-proof box power switch protection cover
S$10.65 - S$12.71
Type 86 heightened and extended socket waterproof cover stick-type air conditioner leakage switch splash-proof box water heater protective cover
S$11.62 - S$12.92
Type 86 cassette repairer universal metal bottom box repair socket wire box damage repairer universal remedy strut
S$11.05 - S$11.36
Surface mounted waterproof socket Surface mounted waterproof box Splash-proof bathroom eaves carport waterproof socket 10A concealed
S$11.35 - S$11.54
Cassette repairer universal 86-type 118-type junction box socket bottom box fixing tool switch box strut repair
Type 86 black socket protective cover waterproof box stick-type bathroom bathroom splash box switch waterproof cover home
FIALY Shock Mains Protective Baby Proof Safety Outlet Covers Plug Socket
BABY Power EU Kids Proof Electrical 10PCS Guard Mains Protector Child Plug Socket Cover Baby Safety
【Socket protection cover】 Switch bezel set free paste acrylic case dual switch card socket set decoration set high-end atmosphere
【Socket protection cover】 Through switch wall stick wall switch case Jane Korean modern wall lamp switch socket is installed about sham
Babybon Silicone corner protector for kids baby right angle table collision protection sharp corner collision edge corner protectors cartoon decoration
NAIRI Universal Child safety Kitchen for Baby Children Stove Knob Covers Knob Protection Locks Switch Protective Cover Safety Locks
Heartsbat 10 sets 12V 3A DC Power Male Plug Female Socket Waterproof Jack Nut Panel Mount
S$2.12 - S$2.29
AngelCity Baby Safety Socket Protective Cover Shock-proof Insulation Power Protective Cover Random Model
SNIFY Universal Kitchen for Baby Children Gas Stove Switch Protective Cover Stove Knob Covers Safety Locks Knob Protection Locks
Delixi waterproof socket 86 type switch waterproof box bathroom toilet splash box outdoor protective cover waterproof cover
S$11.60 - S$14.59
LITTLE Children Baby Safe Lock Electrical Outlet Power Socket Protector Cover Electric Plug Protector Socket Protective Case Cover Socket Cap Anti-Electric Shock Plugs
S$5.51 - S$5.74
86 type switch ultra-thin self-adhesive waterproof cover Yuba switch household waterproof box bathroom socket splash box
S$10.39 - S$10.98
Paste type 86 concealed self-adhesive waterproof box bathroom bathroom splash rain socket protection cover switch cover
S$10.90 - S$11.43

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