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Since its establishment in 1986, Hockhua has been consistently providing high quality and affordable herbs, medicine, and health products. After years of development and as the demand for traditional medicines increases, Hockhua broadens and restructures their operations to comply with what market needs. Up until now, there are 80 outlets of Hockhua Tonic in Singapore and Malaysia, making it more accessible for SIngaporean and Malaysian who are in need of their products. As the result of their commitment in providing high quality health products, Hockhua Tonic has achieved a considerable amount of awards, Check out their best selling collections below.
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Food is important for our well-being. However, sometimes we need more supplements to keep ourselves healthy. To fulfill your supplement needs, Hockhua has come up with some products specially made for you! Check out the best-selling Hockhua's Essence of Black Boned Chicken w Cordyceps,American Ginseng & Collagen - 6X75g. Extracted from the finest fresh black-boned chicken, this product has various benefits for your health. With the addition of Cordyceps, selected American Ginseng, as well as Collagen, you can get many benefits from this product. Consume an adequate amount of Hockhua’s Essence of Black Boned Chicken with Cordyceps, American Ginseng & Collagen to reduce the risks of sickness, improve skin health, and replenish your energy. Not only black-boned chicken essence, Hockhua also comes up with fish essence, namely Hockhua's Fish Essence w Cordyceps & Amerian Ginseng - 6X75g. Made from selected ingredients, including American Ginseng, Cordyceps, and Raw Fish Essence, this product is a top-quality supplement to maintain your health. It contains no preservatives, MSG, artificial colors, no added salt, and no cholesterol and trans fat, thus it’s undoubtedly good for your wellbeing. Consume one bottle per day and you’re ready to go! Furthermore, you might also want to check out Hockhua SG Imperial Golden Birdnest w Rock Sugar - 6X75g. For your information, traditional Chinese Medicines believe that a bird's nest is beneficial for the human body as it boosts the human body’s immune system. Therefore, it inspires Hockhua to make this product. It’s suitable for people of all ages as it’s formulated according to traditional Chinese recipes. Looking for more? You are very welcomed to visit Welovesupermom! FInd Hockhua at the lowest prices online in Singapore!

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