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Bonbijou is a well-known baby equipment brand based in Singapore that provides a wide range of products. From strollers to toys, you can find them all lovingly crafted by Bonbijou. Up until now, Bonbijou has gained trust from parents around Singapore because of its quality. It’s because Bonbijou believes in 3 guiding pillars, which are Quality, Affordability, and Style when they’re crafting their products. Therefore, they’re always committed to supporting everyone who is going through a meaningful parenthood phase. They believe that every growth stage experienced by your bunch of sunshine leaves a stronger bond between both of you. Now, would you like to be the one of many who proves the quality of Bonbijou’s products? Take a look at their collections below!
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Parenthood is one of the meaningful phases in one’s life. It feels incredibly nice to see your bunch of sunshine grow up while knitting a lovely bond with you. To support the joyful moments shared between you and your loved ones, Bonbijou comes up with special products. Take your little one along with you by letting them sit comfortably in Bonbijou Lucas Lite Weight Stroller (Free Gifts And Promos In Add On Deals) RC65. This stroller is suitable for a newborn baby and it still can accommodate a child who weighs 20 kilograms. With compact and simple design, you can easily carry this stroller along as it only weighs around 4-5 kilograms. With Bonbijou Lucas Stroller, bringing a stroller on a trip is no longer a hassle! You might also want to check out Bonbijou Regan High Chair. With sleek and compact design, it is guaranteed to provide the utmost convenience for you and the best support for your bundle of joy. It also comes with a double-layered tray so you can easily clean it up. The luxurious leather seat brings abundant comfort to your little prince or princesses. Besides strollers and high chairs, Bonbijou also comes up with a product for when you’re on a trip. Keep your little one safe and let them sit comfortably in Bonbijou Easy Rider 2020 Car Seat (Free Gifts And Promos In Add On Deals) during a car trip. Suitable for children who weigh from 9-36 kilograms, this product can actually be adjusted according to their weight. It has a 5-point adjustable harness feature to accommodate the transformation from car seat to a belted booster. Are you interested? Or are you still looking for more? Feel free to visit Welovesupermom and find the lowest prices for Bonbijou online in e-commerces around Singapore!

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