Supermom’s first party data ecosystem matches products or services accurately with the right audience, landing samples in the hands of consumers genuinely interested in your brand. Experiencing the product in their day-to-day before purchase creates rich opportunities for UGC, building confidence in your brand and shopping experience across various touchpoints and sales channels.

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Water Drop
90% of the Supermom community would ideally like to try before they buy and this applies to products, services, and experiences.
Water Drop
78% of the Supermom community is likely to consider a brand switch after sampling. As the battle of brand choice heats up, leverage Supermom's tried-and-tested sampling programmes to get your brand into the hands of these influential consumers.
The right audience with the right needs are tapped for product and service trials.
Samples are sent to KOMs for a real product experience.
Converted parents share products or services they love with other like-minded parents.
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