SuperMom LIVE – Cutest Diapers from Beaba! Test and Demo!

Cutest Diaper in TOWN – Beaba Diapers!

What’s so good about these diapers? Watch our SuperMom Host Angels introduce the latest product on our marketplace!

Want to know how popular these diapers are? Ever since it was launched on Supermom, the samples all got redeemed in under 24 HOURS!


Beaba Diaper Features

💛 Air-conditioning fibers that make baby super comfy

💛 Anti-bacterial polymers reduce bacteria by up to 99.6% -no more skin irritation

💛 Wetness Indicator to show urine level

💛 Special ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera & Vit C to nourish your baby’s skin

💛 High Tech 3D braiding core improves breathability

💛 Double layer leak-proof technology that prevents leakages

💛 Super Attractive Designs for all seasons making your LO’s bum bum super cute


It is the coolest diaper to hit the market this year! We are so excited 🙂

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