Popular Baby Carriers in Singapore: Find Your Best Price Options

Popular Baby Carriers in Singapore: Find Your Best Price Options

Whether you are a working mom or not, a baby carrier is a must-have in your day-to-day life as it keeps your life trouble-free and creates a solid bonding between you and your little sweetheart. But choosing a budget-friendly, well-featured baby carrier in Singapore is not at all that easy. Sometimes, when you find your desired features, the price is too high, and again, when the price is low, it fails to meet your requirements. So, to help you in this situation, we have sorted out the best prices for baby carriers. 

These lowest price baby carriers will meet your requirements without compromising the product quality or features. So, before making a purchase, we suggest you explore the following list and then decide which one can serve your purpose well.

1. Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier (Discover)

Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier Discover

Why We Love It

  • Adjustable height & width
  • Wide padded waistband
  • Dual adjustment padded shoulder straps & extra leg padding

Product Specifications

Carrier Weight: 0.8kg
Key Features: Adjustable seat panel, made from 100% organic cotton, wide padded waistband, etc.
Lowest Price: SGD 120.00

With ergonomic design and M-position seat, the Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier (Discover) is considered to be one of the best low-cost baby carriers in Singapore. This carrier is made from soft, lightweight fabrics that allow smooth airflow to make your little angel happy. Its dual-adjustment padded shoulder straps, extra leg padding, and wide waistband ensure your and your baby’s total safety and comfort. 

This career is easy to adjust and highly recommended for little ones from 7-45lbs. However, depending on your baby’s growth, you can customize it as well.

2. Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

 Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

Why We Love It

  • 360 carrying positions
  • Detachable toy tether
  • Washing machine washable

Product Specifications

Carrier Weight: 227gm
Key Features: All 360 carry positions, made from 100% premium cotton, sun protection with UPF baby hood, privacy for easy breastfeeding, etc.
Lowest Price: SGD 215.00

Though costlier than the previous one, the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier has some amazing features that offer an ultimate baby carrier experience. With this baby carrier, you can carry your little angel in all 360 positions, including inward, front-outward, hip, back, and the position you want. 

It has a UPF baby hood that protects your baby from direct sunlight or UV ray. It also has a detachable toy tether to hang your baby’s favourite toy all the time. Moreover, this premium cotton-made baby carrier offers easy breastfeeding option with proper privacy. 

3. LennyLamb LennyUp Baby Carrier LUNA

LennyLamb LennyUp Baby Carrier LUNA

Why We Love It

  • It grows with your baby
  • Easy panel shape and shoulder straps customisation
  • Two ways of baby-wearing (front & back)

Product Specifications

Carrier Weight: 210gm
Key Features: Panel shape customisation, two ways baby-wearing, unique fabric, etc.
Lowest Price: SGD 183.20

LennyLamb LennyUp Baby Carrier LUNA is a budget-friendly and trusted baby carrier that comes with a two-way baby-wearing (front & back). It has an adjustable panel for a perfect fit at all different stages of your sweetheart’s development. And its soft shoulder straps and hip belt ensures multi-level adjustment and complete safety. 

The unique fabric used in this carrier gives your baby the utmost comfort and strengthens the relationship between you and your little sweetheart. Moreover, this low-price carrier has a pocket in the waist belt that can easily carry your phone, keys, or other essentials. 

4. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Cotton Classic

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Cotton Classic

Why We Love It

  • Exclusive infant insert
  • Adjustable size and seat width
  • 4 front and back carrying positions

Product Specifications

Carrier Weight: 1.2kg
Key Features: Four ergonomic front and back carrying positions, size and width customisation, comfortable waist belt and shoulder straps, elegant head support, etc.
Lowest Price: SGD 299.00

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Cotton Classic is an extremely likeable baby carrier for moms because it is designed to make baby-wearing more comfortable and secure. Its easily adjustable size, soft shoulder straps, and waist belts, and amazing head support allow your baby to be close to your heart all the time. 

This low-price baby carrier has also an exclusive infant insert that has two height positions to ensure the correct baby position. This carrier is easy to clean and machine washable as well.   

5. Lillebaby Complete 6-In-1 Airflow Breathable 3D Mesh Baby Carrier

Liliebaby Complete 6in1 Airflow Breathable 3D Mesh Baby Carrier Mist

Why We Love It

  • Five convenient pockets
  • Detachable sleeping hood
  • Neck support for baby 

Product Specifications

Carrier Weight: 1.2kg
Key Features: Front strap and waist belt adjusters, breathable mesh, comfortable waist belt and lumbar support, easy to adjust seat positions, etc. 
Lowest Price: SGD 160.65

If you are searching for a low-cost complete package, Lillebaby Complete 6-In-1 Airflow Breathable 3D Mesh Baby Carrier will definitely be your first choice. It comes with a unique design that includes front strap and waist belt adjusters to help you adjust the carrier whenever necessary. This carrier has a detachable sleeping hood, excellent neck support, and lumbar support to give your baby a healthy and comfortable posture. 

However, this low-cost carrier featured five convenient pockets in which you may store different baby essentials when necessary.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best price for baby carriers for your little angel. You can also browse our SuperMom website for more baby products for the best prices available in Singapore.

*Lowest price recommended are accurate as of 12 July 2021.

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