How Do I Pick The Right Bottle For My Baby?

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🤰: There are so many choices and I don’t know which bottle to buy for my baby! Should I look for specific features? How do I transition my breastfed baby to a bottle?
Many parents are at a loss when picking a baby bottle – we totally understand – there are so many available in the market! And our babies are all different, they may have certain liking to different types of bottles. When will the search end?
We’ve broken down some of the top baby bottles mommies and their babies are in love with, and the features that they have!
🍼 Rounded Teat – It mimics the shape of a nipple, usually it makes transitioning breastfed babies much easier!
🍼 Anti-Colic – It has a Ventilation System that helps to prevent air bubbles from being trapped, minimising baby’s colic!
🍼 Wide Neck – Easy to clean and to wash!
🍼 Multi-Use – A bottle that can grow with our baby, we’re down for this.

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